Pogrom in East Jerusalem and Mass Murder in Gaza

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Jerusalem), 11.06.2024

While the Zionists organized a pogrom in East Jerusalem, they carried out a massacre in Gaza in their operation to release four Israeli prisoners. The Israeli military said on Saturday that its forces had rescued four captives from central Gaza as it escalated its assault in Nuseirat. On Saturday, Palestinian health officials said at least 210 people were killed and wounded in Israeli attacks on central Gaza. Residents said Nuseirat had come under heavy Israeli drone and air raids, with children among those killed.

We have been shown pictures of the four, and they appear as if they spent the last 8 months in visitor houses, so much for the Zionist propaganda about the cruel treatment of the Zionist captives. Just compare their appearance with the treatment of the Palestinian prisoners who are tortured, raped, and murdered.

The Zionists in Israel have celebrated the tactical achievement of the vast force used to get the four. If this is the best the Zionist army can achieve it is just an indication to its strategic defeat.

“However, commenting later on Saturday, the spokesperson of Hamas’s Qassam Brigades, Abu Obaida, said that other captives had been killed during the rescue operation. Saturday’s operation was the largest recovery of live captives since October 7, bringing the total of rescued captives to seven. Last week, the Israeli military had said that 120 captives remained in Gaza, including 41 that the army believed were dead. Israeli war Minister Yoav Gallant said forces were “operating under heavy fire in the most complex urban environment in Gaza” when they rescued the captives.” [i]

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office released a video of him meeting the rescued captives at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Aviv. He later hailed the rescues as “an operation that will be written in history” [ii]

What the masses will learn in history is that the “mighty” Israel relied on American information for this murdering operation.

“The United States provided some intelligence that aided in Saturday’s rescue of four Israeli hostages, according to several people familiar with the matter.An American team based in Israel furnished the information, these people said, though it appeared to be secondary to intelligence gathered by the Israelis ahead of the operation. One person said the U.S. material included overhead imagery. All spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the operation’s sensitivity. That team, composed of special operations and intelligence personnel working out of the embassy in Jerusalem, has been in Israel since the war began in October. Since then, it has shared with Israeli counterparts information about hostages’ potential location gleaned from U.S. drone surveillance over Gaza, communications intercepts, and other sources, said the people familiar with the matter.” [iii]

That the Zionist armed forces have managed to rescue only seven living hostages in three separate massive military operations. In December, Israeli special forces tried to rescue a hostage from Hamas captivity, according to the two defense officials. Sahar Baruch, an Israeli hostage, was killed during the exchange of fire, and two Israeli officers were seriously wounded.

While US imperialism supported this bloody operation, thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters in Washington converged around the White House on Saturday, urging President Biden to stop all military aid to Israel and calling for an immediate cease-fire in Israel’s war in Gaza. Holding signs calling Mr. Biden a liar, the protesters, mostly clad in red and bearing Palestinian flags, marched around the block of parkland where the White House sits. The U.S. Park Police used pepper spray against them.

The Western imperialists that have supported the genocide by the Zionist monster celebrate the tactical achievement of the Zionists and the massacre that was part of it.

“We won’t stop working until all the hostages come home, and a ceasefire is reached; that is essential,” US President Joe Biden said during a joint press event in Paris with the French president” [iv]

“British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wrote on X, “It is a huge relief to see hostages returned after their unimaginable ordeal, and it is heartwarming to see the pictures of them reunited with their families.”[v]

However, this imperialist support does not change the growing isolation of the Zionist apartheid state.

Al Jazeera correspondent Tamer Almisshal saw it fit to stress that the four released “prisoners” were not among the list of soldiers held by the radical terror group, admitting that “the operation certainly came at a critical time and will have repercussions at various levels, especially since it was accompanied by a horrific massacre in which a large number of civilians were martyred,” and also reminding that the spokesman for the Al-Qassam militia pledged that price for any exchange deal would remain the same.” [vi]

Thaer Al-Sartawi, a Jordanian blogger, attempted to reduce the extent of the Israeli operation, adding: “The Army of the Scum of Nations, with the help of the criminal American Army, after more than 8 months, was able to free four prisoners held by the resistance! It would take them 20 years to free the remaining 120 prisoners! War is like a debate, you criminal killers, and it is a battle from which the Mujahideen (holy war fighters) have certainly learned a lesson and will benefit from it later and avoid it…”[vii]

Stop the Zionist war!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!


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