How the Zionist lies are created and circulated

Yossi Schwartz ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 08.11.2023

While Israeli civilians were killed on October 7th the story of the 40 babies that beheaded in Kfar Oz is a lie. We know it is a lie because in the three daily news- papers: Haaretz, Jerusalem Post and Israel Today that have listed the names of the Israelis that have been killed on October 7th there are no names or pictures of such babies.

If it was true the Zionist propaganda would use such pictures time and again.

The person who created this lie is Nicole Ztek is an American settler reporter for the I24 that was there with the camera but she did not take any picture of such alleged   horrible event. Later on, she admitted she did not see 40 babies that were beheaded but heard about it from an officer. Honest reporters must see what they report, not rely on hearsay. But in the Zionist apartheid state there are very few reporters, most of them are only right-wing propagandists that have no problem with telling lies.

Biden also said that he saw pictures of 40 beheaded babies but later he had to admit that he did not see pictures of such babies, just a report without any picture.

Now another Zionist lie is going around. The lie that a baby was burned alive in the oven by Hamas.

In a post the Zionist FakeReporter noted: “The story about the Israeli baby whose body was found in the oven has been circulating for 24 hours and has serious consequences. The story was first circulated by pro-Israeli accounts to describe the dimensions of the massacre carried out on 7/10, but very quickly the trend reversed and the story was used to promote Hamas propaganda and claim that Israel is fabricating evidence and inflating the numbers of the murdered” [1]

Eli Beer, United Hatzalah founder and president, first presented the case at the Republican Jewish Coalitions’ Annual Leadership Summit in Las Vegas on October 28. In his address to the convention, he said: “A little baby in the oven – These bastards put these babies in the oven and put on the oven,” said Eli Beer, the founder of the volunteer-based Israeli EMS organization United Hatzalah.We found the kid a few hours later.”We saw a little baby in the oven” [2]

“Later on, he said that the case first told to him by United Hatzalah volunteer Asher Moskowitz who told him about seeing the baby in a body bag when it was brought into the identification center at the Shura army base.

The story quickly went viral following its posting on X by The New York Sun reporter Dovid Efune. We have not found any more references to [the case] that rely on other sources,” noted FakeReporter, which has in the past revealed Iranian attempts to interfere with Israeli politics online and revealed a breach in the Strava running and cycling app that exposed dozens of Israeli security personnel and soldiers” [3]

Moskowitz was among the first responders receiving bodies at the Shura army base. Speaking to The Jerusalem Post on November 7, Moskowitz, who is the vice-director of the United Hatzalah branch in Elad, recounted that on October 11 he had been asked to accompany families waiting outside the army base who had come to identify their loved ones. He was also asked to help with unloading bodies from the many trucks that were coming to the army base. He told the Post: “I went into the base and started to take off bodies from the truck. Three or four of us would take a body from the door of the truck to the room where they were opening the bags. One was a very small bag. I was in the room when they opened it and there was the body of a baby, I don’t know if it was a boy or a girl. Most of the bodies from Kfar Aza were burned, but what I saw with this body— it was relatively complete, but hard like a rock, and on its stomach was the sign of a heating element, like a half a circle or a big chain.I went out of the room,” he said. “We unloaded more bodies from the trucks and when I saw someone coming out of the room—he was wearing an army uniform, I don’t know if he was a pathologist or a doctor but someone from the IDF Chevreh Kadishah [the organization that prepares bodies for burial, literally “holy friends”]—I asked about the body of the baby. He said that based on the signs on the body, it looks like they put him inside the oven alive, and he said they found the baby dead inside the oven.“This really got to me. I have seen a lot of things in my life but this got to me,” he said. “The body was not burned like the other bodies.”  The IDF Spokesman’s Office declined to officially comment on the case” [4]

“Indeed, noted FakeReporter in their post, the IDF did not present the case in any of the three 43-minute-long private screenings of raw footage from the massacre shown to journalists as the incidents of denial have increased.”  [5]

This will not prevent them from including the case in the future.

Two journalists, Chaim Levinson of Ha’aretz and Yishai Cohen, a journalist with the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) website Kikar Hashabbat, posted on October 30 after the case was made public that they had looked into it. Cohen said that he had contacted officials in the IDF, Shura army base and Zaka (a volunteer organization that also deals with bodies where they are found), who said they were not familiar with the incident.

Zaka spokesman Moti Bukchin also told the Post that they are unfamiliar with the case.

Beer said that in addition to Moskowitz, another volunteer told him about the baby. He said it was possible that a mother hid the baby in the oven, like some hid their babies in closets and washing machines or refrigerators.

However, according to Moskowitz, his identification of the body of the baby took place four days following the massacre at the Shura army base, not the day of the massacre at any of the massacre sites.

FakeReporter continues to maintain that it has not yet been able to independently verify the story of the baby burned in an oven.

“Yotam Frost from FakeReporter said in a WhatsApp message: “It deeply saddens us to be engaged in such [a] matter, but such a horrific statement should be proven and not easily published. You and [we], as representatives of organizations who care deeply about Israel and [are] dedicated to promoting a fact base[d] discourse, understand the gravity of that. I’m not sure others do” [6]

“I suggest you follow the progress of the story from the beginning, the continuous change of the versions of the story, and fact check it,” he wrote. “We could not verify it” [7]

Thus, for most Zionists it is enough that someone sometimes slanders Hamas and based on such hearsay it becomes a truth that anyone who doubts it is an anti-Semite and Nazi supporter. Colonialists believe that what they did to the native people the native people will do to them. That is why they support the genocide of the Palestinians. That is why there is no internal social force that can change the settler colonialist state under the existing condition of today. Such a force can rise if Israel is defeated in a major defeat in a war or after the Arab revolution.

When this will happen, the solution will be a Palestinian state from the river to the sea. A state that the Palestinian refugees will return and the Jewish minority will have equal social, cultural and religious equal rights.

Down with the Zionist barbarians and their lies!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!



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