The Jews who stand with the People of Gaza are fighting Anti-Semitism

Yossi Schwartz, ISL – RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine 07.11.2023

The Jewish organization Jewish Voice for peace opposed the Zionist Apartheid state and demands a ceasefire now. So is another Jewish organization IfNotNow and the ultra-religious Jewish organization Neture Karta. They are very active. They participated in the large demonstrations and organized their own demonstrations as well. This Monday hundreds of JVP activists occupied the Statue of Liberty to demand a Gaza ceasefire.

“They were dressed in black T-shirts with the slogans “Jews demand ceasefire now” and “Not in our name”, the protesters from the Jewish Voice for Peace group had banners reading “The whole world is watching” and “Palestinians should be free”.

On Saturday, tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered in Washington, DC to call for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, and to denounce US policy of support for Israel Jewish.

Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters, including some from US Jewish organizations, shut down the Brooklyn Bridge, leading from Manhattan to the multicultural and fashionable borough across the East River.” [1]

“Jewish activists have shut down New York’s Grand Central station and been arrested for actions like occupying the halls of Congress and rallying in front of the home of the Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, who is also Jewish. Even before 7 October, support for Israel among American Jews – who constitute the world’s second largest Jewish population after Israel – was shifting. One poll showed that while most Jews see caring about Israel as important to their Jewish identity, more than half disapprove of the country’s rightwing government. Another found that a quarter of American Jews agree Israel is an “apartheid state”, and one-fifth of those under 40 do not think the Jewish state has a right to exist.” [2]

These are our brothers and sisters and when they fight against the Zionist apartheid state, they fight also against the real Anti-Semitism that Israel is pouring fire on their hate of Jews as Jews.

The Zionists hate them and they even say that these people are no more Jews. In the real world the hold of Zionism over Jews is breaking down. Israel is the false solution for the Jews. Only under socialism will the Jewish question be solved!

Ceasefire now!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!




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