Is a war between the Zionist state and Hezbollah immanent

Yossi Schwartz, ISL – RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 29.06.2024

Netanyahu’s government wants a war with Hezbollah. In his visit to the north of Israel, The Zionist PM said to the soldiers on the border with Lebanon: “I trust you, and the people of Israel trust you.”

The Zionist army has completed its preparations for war against Lebanon, and the senior officials of the Zionist monster threatened that with the completion of the operation in Rafah, it will be able to focus on the war against Lebanon. However, after nine months of war in Gaza and fighting with Hezbollah, if a war breaks out in the coming days – it seems that the Zionist army will be tired and worn out. The regular Zionist army has been fighting and training for eight and a half months without a break; many reservists have served in the past year for 100 or 200 days and even more, and mentally, they have all gone through very hard Palestinian resistance, and they are aware of the fact that Hezbollah is even stronger than Hamas.

The Zionist leaders are worried about the lack of ammunition. The USA, which at the beginning flowed a lot of ammunition to Israel, slowed down the shipments and stopped the delivery of bombs to the Zionist Air Force, which has been very troubling to the generals and may have influenced the decision to open the war against Lebanon.

The chiefs of the Zionist army estimate that the air defense systems will not be able to protect all the inhabited areas, and therefore, the defense will focus on the infrastructures essential for combat, and the civilian home in Israel will absorb and be under a threat it has never faced before. The Zionist general thinks that the solution is the destruction of Lebanon.

A full-scale war between Israel and Hezbollah is a concern for the Western imperialists, in particular for the US. Such a war could cause further disruption of supply chains and damage to trade, a possible increase in fuel prices, and damage to tourism in countries in the region. For the Zionist state, the economic price of such a war will contribute to its collapse. Such a war will bring out a new wave of refugees, which countries like Turkey or the members of the European Union will have to absorb.

Although it promised to back up Israel against Hezbollah, even the American administration would have been happy to avoid another crisis in the Middle East – just before Election Day. They do not want to send an American army, while Iran will support Lebanon. Their military positions in the region are likely to be attacked. Hezbollah is well-armed, and a war between the Zionist monster and Hezbollah will contribute to the destruction of Israel. A victory for Hezbollah is likely to push for a new wave of the Arab revolution.

For the Palestinians and the Lebanese to live, the Zionist state must be destroyed!

For Palestine, red and free from the river to the sea!

For the socialist federation of the Middle East!

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