What the Zionists did in the LA synagogue Adas Torah on Sunday

Yossi Schwartz ISL ( RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 25.06.2024

While the Zionists are shouting “Anti-Semitism” and “They want to kill all the Jews” in the real world, the Zionists in Canada and California are selling stolen Palestinian lands In the synagogue. At the same time, Biden and his puppies condemn the pro-Palestinian demonstrations against the selling of the stolen lands.

Today the Zionist newspaper Jerusalem Post criticized the American state for not providing enough goons to attack more seriously the Pro-Palestinians demos while admitting that in Adas Torah synagogue in LA the Zionists were selling Palestinian lands

The riots at the Adas Torah synagogue in Los Angeles’ Pico-Robertson neighborhood show that American society and authorities do not take the escalating rhetoric and threats by anti-Israel factions in the United States seriously.

The Palestinian Youth Movement (PYM) and Code Pink announced the protests on June 20. The synagogue held an Israeli real estate event, which prompted the demonstrations, as did similar events at Montreal and Toronto synagogues in March.”[i]

To be clear, for most Zionists, the entire Palestine is Israel’s land promised by God to his beloved children, the chosen Israelis.

“Tensions escalated outside a Torah synagogue in Los Angeles on Sunday following protests over an auction of property and land in the Israeli-occupied West Bank to settlers. The event, organized by pro-Israel groups, drew strong condemnation and opposition from anti-war activists and protesters advocating for Palestinian rights. According to eyewitnesses and journalists covering the event, the protests turned violent when clashes broke out between pro-Palestinian demonstrators and pro-Israel groups. A social media site sympathetic to Palestinians, Gaza Notifications, reported, “A Torah synagogue in Los Angeles hosted a controversial auction on Sunday where property and land in the Israeli-occupied West Bank were sold to settlers.”[ii]

It is not surprising that Biden, the Zionist, is blind to the sale of Palestinian lands in the synagogue. It is in the tradition of the white colonialist settlers in North America to steal the lands of the Indians and imprison them in the reserves. This is his plan for Bantustan. For the Palestinians. The idea of an apartheid state in SA originated in the reserves in North America. Such a Bantustan is the ideal solution for the left Zionists who accuse the right Zionists of creating a bi-national state. These left Zionists are not against the genocide of the Palestinians. They oppose Netanyahu for his failure to crush the Palestinian resistance. Most of them want a deal first to free the Zionist captives and then to continue the war.

Smash the Zionist state!

Zionist goons in uniforms out of Gaza!

For Palestine, red and free from the river to the sea!


[i] https://www.jpost.com/diaspora/antisemitism/article-807551

[ii] https://www.dawn.com/news/1841810/auction-of-israeli-occupied-land-triggers-clashes-in-la

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