Israel and the US are partners in the worst crimes

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 21.04.2024

Netanyahu wants a regional war as such a war will help him to stay the PM of Israel. For this reason, Israel attacked the Iranian embassy in Damascus on April 1, 2024. The attack on the embassy of Iran amounted to an attack on Iranian soil. Yet the Western imperialists did not condemn the Zionist crime that violated International law.

Iran, like any country that its embassy is attacked and the UN has not condemned, had only one choice, to retaliate. On April 14, it launched hundreds of missiles and drones at Israel after it informed the Arab regime that it was going to retaliate, which gave  Israel and the US enough time to prepare for the attack. By doing so, Iran informed Israel and its Western imperialist backers that Iran had no intention to open a regional war.

Unlike the attack of Israel on the Iranian embassy that was not condemned,  the Western imperialists and their local Arab servants not only condemned Iran but formed a network of defense against Iran’s missiles and drones that managed to shoot down most of the Iranian missiles and drones. Only one young Bedwin girl was killed in an unrecognized village that Israel planned to destroy and cause small damage to a military base. Iran informed the world that she saw this action as the end of this episode.

The Western imperialists applied pressure on Israel not to attack Iran because the prices of oil went up as a result of the fear of a regional war. Brent crude, the international benchmark for oil prices, rose by 1.8% to $88 a barrel after the attack. Oil prices had jumped by as much as 3.5% initially, but the price stabilized when it became more apparent that the strike was limited. The price of gold – often seen as a safe investment at times of uncertainty – briefly came close to a record high before falling back to nearly $2,400 an ounce.

They all offered Israel to occupy Rafah, which would lead to further genocide, rather than risk a regional war by a new attack on Iran. Netanyahu ignored these pressures and attacked Iran once again. Iran’s Fars News Agency said “three explosions” were heard near Qahjavarestan city in Isfahan province, near the province’s airport and an army air base. The defense system the S-300 Iran bought from Russia was not effective. The attack was on Isfahan.

Isfahan, located in the center of Iran, hosts the country’s uranium conversion facility in the southeastern Zerdenjan area. Additionally, the Natanz uranium enrichment site is also located within the province.

Isfahan also hosts a significant Iranian airbase that hosts Iran’s aging fleet of US-made F-14 Tomcats, which were purchased before the 1979 Islamic revolution.

According to a report by The Associated Press news agency, the region of Syria that was targeted is directly west of Isfahan, approximately 1,500km (930 miles) away, and to the east of Israel. In Iraq, the area affected was not immediately clear.

Once again, we do not hear the UN  or the Western imperialists denouncing the Zionist state.

The US claims it was not involved in the Zionist attack on Isfahan, and it may tell the truth in this case. In a news conference, Italy’s Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said the US government told the G7 grouping of nations it was informed at the “very last minute” by Israel about the attack, “but there was no sharing of the attack by the US. It was a piece of mere information.”[i]

“Israel carried out a military strike on Iran early Friday, a US official told CNN, in a potentially dangerous escalation of a fast-widening Middle East conflict that Iranian officials have so far sought to play down. Israel has not commented, and Iran has not identified the source of the attack.

An Iranian official said air defenses intercepted three drones close to an airbase in Isfahan province, where explosions were reported. Exclusive satellite images obtained by CNN show no extensive damage at the airbase.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the G7 countries are “committed to de-escalating” tensions between Israel and Iran.[ii]

Still, it was involved in the approval of the decision to attack Raffa, even though such an attack would be another mass killing of the Palestinians. Only a few days ago, the US declared it opposed the invasion of Raffa. Still, it provided Israel with 14 billion American dollars to buy weapons for the continuation of the genocide.

“Thursday’s report in Al Araby Al-Jadeed, whose Egyptian sources have, to date, proven to be very reliable, may indicate the close connection between the two channels. According to an Egyptian source, Israel has already notified Egypt of its intention to conquer Rafah. It has begun to attack open areas along the Philadelphi route separating the Gaza Strip from Egypt, where tunnels connecting Gaza to Sinai are suspected to exist.

The source was able to say that the plan rests on “dividing Rafah into four quarters, which will be conquered sequentially,” so that the residents of each quarter will be forced, when their turn comes, to flee to the area of Khan Younis and Mawasi.

For its part, Egypt has apparent accepted the conquest of Rafah and is expediting preparations for absorbing the evacuees from it by building another tent camp in Khan Younis, in addition to the two camps already constructed and managed by the Egyptian Red Crescent, which can jointly house 11,000 dispossessed (a minuscule number compared with the expected number of fleeing people).

 But the critical piece of information in the report is that the U.S. has already granted its consent to the conquest of Rafah in exchange for a limited strike against Iran – apparently under an outline to be agreed between Washington and Jerusalem – thereby creating a trade-off between revenge in Iran and the conquest of Rafah, which is not based on real strategic needs or an orderly plan that could be expected to end the war, but based on an urgent need to contain and limit the consequences of unplanned action” [iii]

For PR, Biden says the USA will impose sanctions on the far-right regiment Netzah Yehuda, known for its crimes against the Palestinians in Gaza, as if it is not the entire Zionists that committed the genocide, especially the Zionist air force.

Netanyahu and Ganatz denounce this intention of the US to use sanctions against a Zionist regiment as an immoral decision they oppose.

Down with the Zionist apartheid and all its backers!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!  




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