Why the US opposes a Palestinian state and why China and Russia oppose the Arab revolution

Yossi Schwartz ISL( RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 21.04.2024.

The US prevented the Security Council from recognizing the Palestinians as an entire UN member state, following through on its pledge to veto a resolution brought before the top international body on Thursday. Twelve Security Council members voted to grant the Palestinians full UN member status, while the UK and Switzerland abstained.

A US official, in a testament to the complexity of international diplomacy, told The Times of Israel that the US first sought to convince the Palestinian Authority to shelve the measure. Only after the PA rebuffed Washington’s request did the US turn to other members to either oppose or abstain. France, Japan, South Korea, Slovenia, China, and Russia all voted in favor of Algeria’s resolution.

The obvious question is why the US vetoed the resolution while Russia and China are ready to support a mini-Palestinian state rather than a Palestinian state in the whole of Palestine?

The US used its veto power because while saying it supports a Palestinian state, in reality, it supports the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.

Russia and China, as imperialist states, know that to achieve a Palestinian state in Palestine, a socialist revolution is required, and their nightmare is a socialist revolution anywhere in the globe. Even for a bourgeois-democratic Palestinian state, a revolution that will overthrow the Zionist state is required.

History has shown that in the age of capitalism’s decline, for a democratic revolution to win, it must end with a working-class socialist revolution led by a revolutionary working-class party.

Think about the Arab Spring; it began as a revolutionary mass movement in North Africa, including Egypt and Syria. However, it ended with a terrible defeat because it lacked a revolutionary working-class party. In Egypt, it ended with a military coup supported by the Stalinist party. In Syria, Assad butchered the mass movement, and Russia, Iran, and the Stalinist party supported his regime.

In Iran in 1978, there was a revolutionary mass movement, but the Stalinist party, the Tudeh, had a reformist theory of a revolution in two separate revolutions. The first one is a bourgeois-democratic revolution, and in the future, a socialist revolution. The first one was supposed to be led by the ayatollahs, and it ended as a counter-revolution.

The centrists who recognize the right of self-determination for the Israelis in the real historical process are leading their followers to defeat and the betrayal of the socialist revolution.

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!

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