The two state solution is a pie-in-the-sky

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/ Occupied Palestine), 21.04.2024

As long as the Zionist apartheid exists a Palestinian state in the borders of 1967 will not be formed. The only way the Palestinians will achieve their right to self-determination is by the Arab revolution or the total defeat of the Zionist state. Such events will lead to a red-free Palestine from the river to the sea. The left Zionists who hope that the Western imperialists will force Israel to allow a mini-Palestinian state are living in a world of fantasies.

Seventy-five years have passed since the UN resolution of the two states,57 years since the war of 1967, and the occupation of the rest of Palestine is enough time to understand reality. Still, the left Zionists cannot understand reality.

Yesterday, the US used once again its veto power to block the Algerian draft resolution calling to accept Palestine as a full member of the UN, namely as a complete state. It is not difficult to understand the reason for the politics of the white house. Regardless of which political party or coalition is in power in Israel, and irrespective of where public opinion in the U.S. is moving, the U.S. government’s commitment to Israel’s security is ironclad,” as Vice-President Kamala Harris put it. The U.S. sees Israel as a critical “strategic ally” in the Middle East. During his recent meeting with Herzog, President Joe Biden repeated a line he famously said in 1986: “If there were not an Israel, we’d have to invent one.”

Israel is the front line of the Western imperialists, a strategic asset, and its job is to prevent any attempt to end the imperialist control and exploitation of the Middle East. It is cheaper to use the Israelis than the American army, and for this reason, the US wants a stable Middle East to make huge profits from the oil and cheap labor and markets. This is what is standing behind the American strategy of forming the Alliance between Israel and the Arab corrupted regimes. As long as the US sees Israel as a strategic asset, wars will continue in the region. The reason Israel wants to go to war against Iran is that Iran escaped the control of Western imperialism and not because of the reactionary regime.

At the moment, the US is not ready to be dragged to war against Iran, and to please Israel and prevent it from starting a war against Iran, the US has given the green light to attack Rafah with its 1.5 million residents and used its veto power in the UNSC once again.

To cover its naked ass, the US representative said that the only way to achieve a Palestinian state is by direct negotiation between Israel and the Palestinian PA, knowing well that Israel will oppose even a mini-Palestinian state.

The Palestinian Authority, which collaborates with Israel against the Palestinians, expected a price for this betrayal and was disappointed and critical of the US.

“Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas’s office has called the US veto of full UN membership for Palestine “blatant aggression … which pushes the region ever further to the edge of the abyss. “We will not stop in our effort. The state of Palestine is inevitable. It is real,” he said.“Please remember that once this session adjourns, in Palestine, innocents are paying the price with their lives … for the delay in justice, freedom, and peace,” he added”.[i][ii]

“Israel Katz, the Zionist FM, commended the United States for vetoing the UNSC resolution, which he labeled a “shameful proposal” in a post on X.It is outrageous that even half a year after the October 7 massacre, the UN Security Council failed to condemn Hamas[‘s] horrific crimes,” he wrote. “Israel will continue to fight until the fall of Hamas and the release of all 133 Israeli abductees,” he said.”[iii]

Israel sees the US veto not only as a green light to attack Raffa but Iran as well.

“Iranian state media reports that air defense systems have been activated over several cities after explosions were heard near the central city of Isfahan.“Iran’s air defense has been activated in the skies of several country provinces,” the official IRNA news agency said.

The cause of the explosions heard in Isfahan remains unknown, according to Iranian media, though ABC News earlier reported a US official as saying that Israel had launched missiles against a target in Iran”.

In the case of a war between the Zionist bloody monster and Iran, the interest of the international working class is the defeat of Israel, which will open the door for a new wave of the Arab revolution.

Crash the Zionist apartheid state!

Down with US imperialism!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!





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