Israel has at most less than ten years

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 15.06.2024

Even before the war on Gaza, I predicted that Israel had at most ten years before it would be destroyed. My prediction was based on the dialectical laws of history. In particular, the law of negation of the negation. Namely, in 1948, Israel negated the solution of one Palestinian state in the entire British mandate Palestine; in 1967, Israel negated the partition of Palestine, and now is the time that history negates the Zionist unification of Palestine under the Zionist rule by a socialist free Palestine from the river to the sea.

Yoav Limor, one of the more well-known reporters in Israel, verified my claim. He writes:  “Strategic warning: maybe this time, someone will listen. Before October 7, the leadership ignored the warnings, but after Israel’s weakest enemy delivered the hardest blow – it is necessary to shout louder: the situation now is even worse as the internal crisis worsens; in the political arena, there is a new blow every day, and in the various sectors we are shuffling until we do not exist (Greetings from the north who spent the holiday running to shelters). You should wake up before the next catastrophe” [i]

“The situation today is worse than it was then. Much worse. He is worse in every respect and in every possible arena. Security-wise, Israel suffered an unprecedented blow to its image and its deterrence. The weakest enemy gave her the hardest blow in her history, from which she has difficulty recovering. It also has difficulty defeating it, eliminating its leadership, and returning home the 120 abductees remaining in Gaza. It also fails to change the reality in front of its main enemy – Hezbollah. The north is promiscuous, bombed, burned, and abandoned. His future is clouded, and his recovery will likely go through another war, which may be more difficult. Instead of acting according to its security doctrine, which states that short wars must be conducted in the enemy’s territory, Israel conducts a long campaign on its soil.”[ii]

American imperialism is trying to save Israel from destruction or collapse. To prevent a war with Hezbollah backed by Iran, but the Zionist leadership lives in the delusion that Israel will win this war first in Gaza and then against Hezbollah.

Biden and his state security Blinken lie for Israel, saying that Israel has offered a permanent ceasefire and Hamas is not interested in ending the war. Netanyahu and Galant do not know it, but they act as agents of history.

The only question is whether Israel will be destroyed by the mechanical process and the solution will be like in Algeria or by a dialectical process- the Arab revolution and Palestine will be a socialist democratic state from the river to the sea where the Israelis who will remain will have equal civil rights.

Down with Western imperialism partners to the genocide of the Palestinians!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!



[ii] Ibid

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