The Zionists are not welcome even in the US

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 15.06.2024

This article is based on an article in Israel today[i]. A week ago, thousands of Zionists marched in the streets of Washington, DC, in support of the Zionist monster. At the same time, in front of the obelisk in memory of the first president, George Washington, a completely different parade was marching – the parade of the pro-Palestinians that Israel is committing genocide against the Gazans.  Thousands of demonstrators in red costumes, caps, and resistance flags advanced on the heavily secured sidewalk, clarifying what they came here for from all over the US: “No to the two states – we want 48”, “From the sea to the Jordan,” “Free Palestine,” ” Intifada – revolution. The first march was the march of those who supported the mass killing, destruction, torture, and rape the other one of the freedom fighters.

At the same time, not far away, in the massive Marriott Hotel, the annual conference of the AJC, the American Jewish Committee, a significant and long-standing organization of American Zionists, took place. More than 2,000 representatives gathered, fueled by a sense of crisis and emergency, not to mention an earthquake. The war in Israel merged with the feeling of war in their home, which was illustrated in the form of the Anti-Zionism demonstration that took place not far away.

They are used to living with special status as Israel lovers, and now the Liberal Americans, especially the youth who used to be their friends, have changed sides and accuse them of supporting an apartheid state.

Something fundamental has been shaken with them since October 7. Although the white house and the mass media support for Israel is still substantial, many of them experience traumas that undermine their security, along with security in everything they believe in regarding their existence in their country. Paradoxically, it was precisely the connections of many of the participants with the Liberals that dealt them a harsh blow – they are shaken by their feeling of betrayal of the American left and what they believe is an outburst of anti-Semitism. They cannot understand what is wrong with the mass killing of the Palestinians, who are only primitive human animals. Why do the Blacks and the Latin Americans disagree that the Jewish state only defends itself? How can they think that Israel is a settler colonialist society when it is the promised land to the Jews that have been connected with it for 3000 years?

Two elderly Jewish women from Los Angeles told the guests at dinner about the severance of relations with friends and acquaintances because they accused Israel. One told about the friends of her son – a liberal lawyer with a routine leftist agenda, who cut off contact with him because of the accusations against Israel. The second does not speak to her grandson, 22 years old, after he defied her that the very existence of the State of Israel caused the establishment and existence of Hamas.

A former Israeli living in Jersey City shared with the audience the recent shock gripped her. Among other things, after finding out that a teacher at her 10-year-old daughter’s school gave a Palestinian book to the students, erasing the existence of the State of Israel. At the same time, another child in the class recited the savage pro-Palestinian messages: “Palestine free from the river to the sea

The same disappointment was also noted in establishing relations with the vast Hispanic public in the US, which numbers more than 60 million Americans. The one who worked on this on behalf of the AJC is Dina Siegel Van, who was born in Mexico and currently lives in Washington. Dina invested a lot of effort in connecting with organizations; it even brought Hispanic-American leaders to Israel about a year ago. Only all of them have disappeared since October 7—none of them have sided with Israel.

These Zionists are similar to the white slave owners in the confederation on the eve of the Civil War who cannot understand why the liberals from the north fail to know that the Blacks are slaves because this is God’s will. It says so in the holy bible about Shem that he will be the slave of his brothers. How can they stand with the slaves and not with their white brothers and sisters?

Down with racist Zionism!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!



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