American assessments: Israel’s attacks deep in Lebanon constitute preparation for extensive warfare in the region

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel /Occupied Palestine), 15.06.2024

Officials in the Biden administration told the CBS network that they fear the escalation of the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. The officials fear that Israel will start a war that cannot be ended without American aid.

The United States fears the escalation on the northern border of Israel this week will turn into a wider conflict, officials in the Biden administration told CBS this morning (Saturday). According to the report, American officials said that they interpreted Israel’s latest attacks on Lebanese territory and in its depth as the preparation of the battlefield for an all-out attack by the IDF.

The same parties are increasingly worried about the possibility that Israel will start a war against Hezbollah that cannot end without American support.

Other sources expressed their concerns about Hezbollah and described a scenario in which the organization supported by Iran would launch rockets that would hit Israel and lead to damage so that Israel would respond and a large-scale war would ensue.

If Israel cannot win the war against the small Palestinian resistance in Gaza, for sure Israel will not be able to win against Hezbollah, which has 150,000 missiles, rackets, and warplanes without pilots. Not to speak of the fact that Hezbollah is supported by powerful Iran.

At the same time, the US may be spreading false information to increase the pressure on Hamas to accept the American deal as it is, which is in favor of Israel. 

Netanyahu has been dreaming of dragging the US to war against Iran for many years, and now that he lost the war on Gaza and most Israelis do not trust him to lead Israel to a victory in his despair, he would risk a regional war and even WWIII.

In such a war, the RCIT and its section in Israel/Occupied Palestine will stand with Iran in the battle against the USA and Israel, but without giving it political support.

Iran is a regional power but not an imperialist state, while Israel and the US are. The defeat of the imperialist Israel in Gaza led to a mass movement against imperialism and colonialism, which we see now in the mass pro-Palestinian movement. The imperialists’ victory led to the depression of the masses in  1967, as we saw after the 1967 war. This is the reason Biden and his puppies like Blinken not only supported Israel with weapons for genocide but also helped Israel to spread its lies. There is a common allegation that the US Army was involved in the massacre of the refugee camp Nuseirat in the operation to free four Zionists. That the American Pier, which is useless for delivering aid, was used for this operation.

How can you support such a reactionary regime like Iran some on the left ask us. Trotsky replied to this question years ago. “I want to stop to discuss only the Sino-Japanese War in this letter. In my declaration to the bourgeois press, I said that the duty of all the workers’ organizations of China was to participate actively and on the front lines of the present war against Japan without abandoning, for a single moment, their own program and independent activity. But that is “social patriotism!” the Eiffelites cry. It is capitulation to Chiang Kai-shek! It is the abandonment of the principle of the class struggle! Bolshevism preached revolutionary defeatism in the imperialist war. Now, the war in Spain and the Sino-Japanese War are both imperialist wars. “Our position on the war in China is the same. The only salvation of the workers and peasants of China is to struggle independently against the two armies, against the Chinese army in the same manner as against the Japanese army.” These four lines, taken from an Eiffelite document of September 10, 1937, suffice entirely for us to say: we are concerned here with either real traitors or complete imbeciles. But imbecility, raised to this degree, is equal to treason”.[i]

“We do not and never have put all wars on the same plane. Marx and Engels supported the revolutionary struggle of the Irish against Great Britain and of the Poles against the tsar, even though in these two nationalist wars, the leaders were, for the most part, members of the bourgeoisie and even at times of the feudal aristocracy … at all events, Catholic reactionaries. When Abdel-Krim rose against France, the democrats and Social Democrats spoke with hate of the struggle of a “savage tyrant” against the “democracy.” Leon Blum’s party supported this point of view. But we, Marxists and Bolsheviks, considered the struggle of the Riffians against imperialist domination as a progressive war. Lenin wrote hundreds of pages demonstrating the primary necessity of distinguishing between imperialist nations and the colonial and semi-colonial nations, which comprise most of humanity. To speak of “revolutionary defeatism” in general, without distinguishing between exploiter and exploited countries, is to make a miserable caricature of Bolshevism and to put that caricature at the service of the imperialists.

In the Far East, we have a classic example. China is a semi-colonial country that Japan is transforming, under our very eyes, into a colonial country. Japan’s struggle is imperialist and reactionary, while China’s struggle is emancipatory and progressive.

But Chiang Kai-shek? (who butchered the members of the Communist Party in 1925-7 Y.S) We need to have no illusions about Chiang Kai-shek, his party, or the whole ruling class of China, just as Marx and Engels had no illusions about the ruling classes of Ireland and Poland. Chiang Kai-shek is the executioner of the Chinese workers and peasants. But today, despite himself, he is forced to struggle against Japan for the remainder of China’s independence. Tomorrow, he may again betray. It is possible. It is probable. It is even inevitable. But today, he is struggling. Only cowards, scoundrels, or complete imbeciles can refuse to participate in that struggle”.[ii]

For humanity to live, the Zionist state and other imperialism must die!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!

[i] Leon Trotsky On the Sino-Japanese War (September 1937)

[ii] Ibid

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