The siege ring tightens around the neck of the Zionist state

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 18.06.2024

The court in France agreed with a petition by pro-Palestinian groups that sought to add to the ban on Israeli companies’ participation in the “Eurosatori” arms exhibition. A senior official in the Zionist military industry told “Israel Today”: “This is a massive blow to the defense industry; these meetings have enormous value for the companies. Some of the representatives of the Israeli companies intended to leave for France as early as tomorrow, and following the decision of the court in France, they canceled their trip. A senior official in the Israeli defense industry says, “Israel Today,” “This is a huge blow to the defense industry; these meetings have enormous value for the companies.” The source emphasizes that the ability of these companies to supply advanced defense equipment to the army depends fundamentally on their ability to export their products abroad”

The French Court’s ruling is an interpretation of the French government’s decision from two weeks ago to prevent Israeli companies from participating in the exhibition following the Zionist murder actions in Rafah. After the companies were prevented from participating, pro-Palestinian groups petitioned the court to prevent Israeli companies from displaying products at other booths at the exhibition. The company that organizes the exhibition appealed the ruling. 

This is a severe blow to the bloody industries in Israel, and the decision presents them as lepers. This is alongside the large amount of money the companies invested in preparing for this fair, and all their preparations went down the drain.

This decision is part of the growing isolation of the Zionist monster. The siege ring tightens around the neck of the Zionist state. In response and to make it worse for the Zionist apartheid state, the Zionist Minister of War Gallant rejected joining a trilateral framework proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron to defuse escalations on Israel’s northern border. He said: “As we fight a just war, defending our people, France has adopted hostile policies against Israel,” said Gallant. “In doing so, France ignores the atrocities committed by Hamas against Israeli children, women and men.” 

While this is a conflict between two imperialist states with a long history of repression (France in Algeria and Mali, for example), and as a general norm, we do not support sanctions of one imperialist state on another, we do not object to France’s decision because of the nature of Israel as settler colonialism.

Because of the nature of Israel in any war with its Arab or Iranian neighbors, we have a history of opposing the Zionist side in the war without giving the rotten Arab regimes any political support. This is the traditional authentic Marxist position. ( see Marx on Ireland and Poland, Trotsky on China against Japan, and  on  Abd al-Karim, leader of the Berber uprising against French and Spanish in the Rif region during the 1920s ( In the picture) 

Down with the Zionist Monster!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!

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