Israel: On the Results of the National Elections

A Statement of the Internationalist Socialist League (RCIT Section in Israel / Occupied Palestine), 21.09.2019,

The Zionist state is facing one of its worst crises in its history. The ruling class is divided. One part still thinks that Netanyahu is their best servant. The other part supports the party of the generals, Blue and White, thinking that the price to pay for his rule is too high and that he lost his touch.

The electoral powers are almost evenly matched with Blue and White leading by merely two seats (33 to 31). The Zionist mass media is saying that the “Left” and Right political blocs, won at around 55 seats each. In reality both parties are right wing parties in terms of their political agenda and the only real difference is that the right block is led by a corrupted bonapartist.

Not only this, but the mass media counts the Arab Joint List in the so called left block while Blue and White being a racist party refuses to include the AJL as a partner in a government they would like to form. However, a left-Zionist coalition is also impossible since the other left-Zionist forces couldn’t gather more than 11 seats combined. To form a government in Israel, at least 61 members of the Knesset are required to join.

It seems that the ruling class has only two options – either a joint government of the “Likud” and “Blue and White” or a third round of national elections. “Yisrael Beiteinu” party led by the right-wing racist Lieberman is pushing for the first option. ”Blue and White” party is ready to join the Likud party without Netanyahu in case he will finally be tried for corruption, while Netanyahu is ready to do anything in his power to avoid going to jail. Last week he was stopped from launching a war on Gaza by the Attorney General of Israel.

The Internationalist Socialist League, the section of the RCIT in Israel (Occupied Palestine), critically called to vote for the Arab Joint List that won 13 seats, 3 seats more than what it got at the last election after it split into two opposing blocs. We are critical of Hadash, the major force in the list, for the statements of Joint List chairman Ayman Odeh, who said that he is willing, under certain conditions to join a center-left government, in a reversal of the long standing opposition of Arab-majority parties to joining any Zionist coalition.

This statement is very dangerous as it instills illusions among the Palestinian citizens of Israel that it is possible to join a government that oppresses the Palestinians and wages war against Gaza, Lebanon and Iran.

We are also critical of Balad party for not denouncing this statement for tactical reasons. Following his statement in August, Ayman Odeh became much more popular among a section of the Zionists and even got himself invited to participate in different TV programs.

The pressure on the Joint list is to turn their backs on the Palestinians in the 1967 occupied territories and in Gaza for some benefits. Since the Arab revolution has failed so far, many Palestinians citizens of Israel have lost their hope in the Arab masses and hope to be integrated into Zionist society. This is nothing more than a pie in the sky.

However, we don’t see any other way to expose this leaderships’ lack of plan or solution, other than having as many Palestinians MPs as possible.

The only possible solution is a democratic revolution from the river to the sea led by the Arab workers and Fellahin, joined by a section of the Jewish working class losing its chains that currently bind it to murderous Zionism.

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