Israel, war crimes, lies, denial of the holocaust and the killing of its own citizens

Yossi Schwartz, ISL the RCIT section in Israel /Occupied Palestine, 29.10.2023

For two years the Zionist army was trained to attack Gaza, during these years the Zionist army attacked time and again Gaza while Hamas did not respond but prepared its answer to this aggression of the war criminals.

The Chief of Staff, Aviv Kochavi, spoke this morning (Sunday) at the research conference of the Gazit Institute and referred to the firing from the Gaza Strip towards Israel that took place last night. “If stability is maintained in the Gaza Strip until May, these will be the quietest two years in the south. Hamas does not respond to our attacks and does not even consider responding – and tonight we attacked a very significant target of theirs,” Kochavi said. In response to the rocket fire into Israeli territory: the IDF attacked Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. This is the result of a strategy whose main component was the use of force. The trilogy of A black belt – guarding walls and the dawn – created a very strong deterrent in the Gaza Strip,” Kochavi continued” [1]

On October 7th Hamas executed its pre-emptive strike. Israel was in shock, no doubt thinking “How dared these primitives act against the fourth strong army and the superior people“. The fanatic minister of war Galant called the Palestinian freedom fighters “sub human” and he and Netanyahu stated that in this war the Israeli army will destroy Hamas. However, the war by the Zionist apartheid state has been not against Hamas as much as a war of genocide against the Palestinians aiming at a second Nakaba.

To justify this new genocide the Zionist state spreads lies and gross lies that it is not difficult to see that they are lies.

The Zionist chain of lies

1. Hamas ordered to kill civilians

While Hamas ordered his fighters to kill soldiers, officers and policemen, and capture Israelis and bring them to Gaza, Israel claims that Hamas ordered its fighters to kill civilians. Why should Hamas kill people it needs in order to exchange them with Palestinian prisoners in the hands of Israel? It is difficult to know how many civilians the angry Gazans that lived under siege and suffered loss of thousands of people Israel murdered in the four previous wars on Gaza, how many of the fighters under command not to kill civilians but capture killed, and how many were killed by the Israeli army itself.

2. Killing 40 babies

Israel claims that Hamas murdered 40 babies as in “According to NBC “A series of shocking reports have spread horrific claims of baby beheadings by Hamas militants across social and mainstream media in recent days, adding a particularly incendiary element to an already violent and bitter war. But the reports are still unconfirmed, and in some cases have been retracted. The most high-profile claim came Wednesday night when President Joe Biden said that he had seen photographic evidence of terrorists beheading children. The White House later clarified that Biden was referring to news reports about beheadings, which have not included or referred to photographic evidence” [2]

As a matter of fact, the origin of this horrible lie is i24 reporter a Zionist American settler in the channel controlled by Netanyahu, a known liar. The Zionists including Biden that felt humiliated, were ready to believe and spread this lie.

It is clear that this criminal if he was alive at the last part of the 19th century would justify the genocide of the Indian in the Indian wars and if he was alive before the civil war, he would justify the slavery of the Black people. The Black American understand it and side with the Palestinians. Angela Davis, a famous social activist, explained the connection between the most reactionary section of American society and Israel in an interview with Al Jazeera on Saturday.

3.The bombing of Al Ahli hospital

After bombing the hospital and killing at least 500 civilians Israel blamed the Islamic Jihad. According to this lie the Jihad hiding in a cemetery fired at a garage behind the hospital and this Israel claims can be proven by a telephone call between a Jihad and Hamas.

It was proven that there is no cemetery behind the hospital, the bomb hit the courtyard of the hospital and the telephone call between the claimed Hamas and Jihad is made up by Israel.

4The lie about the Al Shifa hospital.

Israel claims that the headquarters of Hamas is under the hospital. If it was true Hamas would take the Israeli prisoners to the claimed headquarters and inform the whole world about it. The purpose of this lie is to bomb the hospital. You have to be a stupid or politically blind not to understand it.

The Zionist war crimes

In addition to bombing hospitals, schools and health workers, starving the population and killing journalists, killing around 8000 people about half children, Israel has destroyed the mass communication system in Gaza to allow this apartheid state to commit more war crimes.

“This communications blackout means that it will be even more difficult to obtain critical information and evidence about human rights violations and war crimes being committed against Palestinian civilians in Gaza, and to hear directly from those experiencing the violations,” Erika Guevara Rosas, senior director of research, advocacy, policy and campaigns, said in a statement on Friday.Deborah Brown, the senior technology and human rights researcher at Human Rights Watch, said the blackout risked “providing cover for mass atrocities and contributing to impunity for human rights violations ץCindy McCain, executive director of the UN World Food Programme, said on Twitter, now X, that the WFP has “lost contact” with its Gaza teams” [3]

Israel told the people who live in the North of the enclave to move to the south to save their lives. However, the Zionist criminals are bombing in the South as well.

The denial of the Jewish Holocaust

The worst denier of the Jewish genocide of the Jews by the Nazis and their helpers are the Zionist state and its backers the western imperialists.

You fought the Nazis 80 years ago… Hamas are the new Nazis.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak that Israel’s fight against Hamas is “the battle of the entire civilized world.” [4]

 According to the Times of Israel: “NEW YORK — The first comparisons between the Holocaust and massacres perpetrated by Hamas terrorists on October 7 were made during the attacks themselves, when some Israelis invoked the Shoah as they hid from terrorists on a genocidal rampage.” [5]

If these cheap propagandists are right and the fight of the oppressed against the oppressors is what was the Jewish Shoah then the Nazis were fighting the Jewish oppressors. Luckily enough there are American and European Jews demonstrating against the Zionist war criminals who say: “Not in our name“.

If the number of dead children is the litmus test for who won this war then Israel won it. If we judge by aims then Hamas won. Israel declared that it will destroy Hamas. Hamas has been fighting to put Palestine on the center of the political map.

The killing of the Israeli prisoners in Gaza

It is difficult to know how many Israelis Hamas is holding in Gaza and how many of them were killed by the bombing of the Zionist state. A few days ago, Hamas informed the world that Israel in its bombing killed 50 Israelis. The families of these prisoners begin to understand that the bombing by the Zionist criminals is killing their relatives and demand exchange of all Hamas prisoners for all the Israeli prisoners. They were told by Netanyahu, Galant and Gantz that only a heavy bombing of Gaza will save their relatives. Unfortunately for them they hugged and kissed Netanyahu and his wife instead of calling the Israelis to demonstrate for immediate ceasefire and exchange of prisoners.

The great Israeli plays writer Hanoch Levin in his play the Queen of the Bathtub in which he attacks the Zionist society where parents send their children to death wrote “He who sees the dead has nothing to say, he cuts his losses and walks away“.







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