On the exchange of prisoners

Yossi Schwartz, ISL – RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 04.12.2023

According to the agreement between Hamas and Israel, the Zionist apartheid state agreed to release 3 Palestinians prisoners for each Israeli hostage. It also was supposed to release Palestinians according to the principle of seniority-the longest time in jail first.

Israel blames Hamas for violating the agreement and immediately began to bomb south Gaza and on the first day of the resumed war killed more than 180 Palestinians and injured hundreds.

However, according to the New York Times, “Israel released a total of 240 Palestinian prisoners and detainees in exchange for 105 hostages freed by Hamas during a weeklong pause in hostilities, an arrangement that diplomats had tried to extend before it collapsed into fighting on Friday morning. A New York Times analysis of data on the Palestinians released showed that a majority of them had not been convicted of a crime (administrative detention) There were 107 teenagers under 18, including three girls. Another 66 teenagers were 18 years old. The oldest person released was a 64-year-old woman. Israel detained all of the people on the list for what it said were offenses related to Israel’s security, from throwing stones to more serious accusations like supporting terrorism and attempted murder. More than half of the cases were being prosecuted in Israeli military courts, which try Palestinians in the occupied West Bank but not Israeli settlers who live there.

Nearly all Palestinians tried in Israeli military courts are convicted, and those accused of security offenses can be imprisoned indefinitely without charge or trial. Israel has defended these practices as necessary for maintaining its security, but international human rights groups have widely criticized them as violating international law and said they are used to suppress Palestinian political activity and expression” [1]

In addition, Israel has arrested 260 people instead of the 240 old prisoners that were released and once again most of them were detained by administrative arrest.

In addition, on November 29 the Zionist army killed two people in Gaza, and fired on November 30. And without any shame the Zionists claim that Hamas violated the agreement.

The Israelis believe the lies of the mass propaganda that accuse others of lying and of anti-Semitism. The Jerusalem Post accuses Al Jazeera of fabrication and spreading fake news.

“JP stated on 1 of December that Al Jazeera has published on X footage of an emotional man holding a ‘baby’ with a blurred face wrapped in white. However, social media users quickly shared footage of the ‘baby’ without the blurred edits shared by the News source, revealing it to be only a doll.

“He was born and martyred during the war…a month-and-a-half-old baby was martyred in the hands of his mother, after an Israeli bombing targeted the family home in the Al-Mughraqa area, south of the city,” Al Jazeera wrote alongside the doctored footage” [2]

But it is JP that publishes many lies, for example that the Qatari hospital is part of Al Shifa while 3 km separated them.

It is clear first that the two pictures are taken at different times and secondly that in the right picture the happy man is holding a baby not a doll. The moral principle of Israel is as former PM of Israel Shamir stated it is permissible to lie for Israel.

“Every justification Israel has given for its successive wars on Gaza, widely repeated in the Western media, has later turned out to be fabricated to appear as if Hamas triggered them.By taking at face value anything said by Israeli politicians or spokespeople without independent corroboration, the press is presenting Israel in the best possible light, a stated aim of Israel and Zionism.Yitzhak Shamir, the seventh prime minister of Israel famously said: “It is permissible to lie for the sake of the Land of Israel” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: “Irrespective of whether you’re right or not, you must always present your side as right” [3]

Smash the Zionist lying propaganda!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!


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