The vilifications of UNRWA by the Zionist mass propaganda

Yossi Schwartz ISL (The section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 04.12.2023

To justify the killing of more than 100 UN aid workers channel 13 of the Zionist TV spread another lie that UN workers collaborate with Hamas.

 According to CNN, more than a month ago, “United Nations aid workers have been killed in Gaza more than in any other single conflict in the organization’s 78-year history, the UN said. A stark reminder that humanitarian staff from global agencies have not been spared from Israel’s relentless bombardment of the besieged strip.” [1]

On Wednesday November 1st, “Channel 13 reporter Almog Boker posted on X that a released hostage had told him that an UNRWA teacher had held him in his attic, barely provided him with food, and neglected his medical needs” [2]

“UNRWA says that a report that a teacher working for the agency held an Israeli civilian hostage in the Gaza Strip was “unsubstantiated” on Friday, with community notes on X responding by listing several incidents in which UNRWA teachers were linked to or expressed support for terrorist groups. Making serious allegations in the public domain, unsupported by any evidence or verifiable facts in support thereof may amount to misinformation,” added the UN agency” [3]

“The list included a false story in which a headmaster of an UNRWA school was building rockets for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization and a recent report by the Zionist UN Watch claiming that UNRWA teachers celebrated the massacre committed by Hamas on October 7.” [4]

“UNRWA demands that the Israeli reporter delete a report about a hostage in the agency teacher’s home. In a statement attached to the tweet, UNRWA added that it had asked Boker to provide more information, but the reporter had not done so.

In the absence of credible information to support this claim, UNRWA requests that the journalist immediately deletes the post. Making serious allegations in the public domain, unsupported by any evidence or verifiable facts in support thereof may amount to misinformation,” wrote UNRWA, saying that it takes “all allegations of breach of UN principles extremely seriously and immediately investigates them. Defamation attacks and the spread of misinformation about UNRWA -from any side- directly endanger the lifesaving operations of the Agency and its staff operating on the ground,” added the UN agency. “These harmful and presumably gratuitous acts must stop, immediately” [5]

Boker responded to UNRWA’s statement on Saturday, writing “survivors of Hamas captivity are beginning to share their stories”While Hamas holds 136 Israeli hostages in Gaza, I can’t share information that could endanger them or identify the survivor. I hope UNRWA treats this more seriously than Hamas’s theft from its stocks and abuse of its civilian facilities for terror activity” [6]

On Saturday, the IDF noted that a Hamas terrorist tunnel collapsed under an UNRWA school last year and that IDF soldiers had found a tunnel shaft near an UNRWA school last month” [7]

Clearly the Zionist army and channel 13 known for spreading lies are smearing UNRWA without providing evidence that can be examined, to justify the killing of UN workers. So far Israel murdered among more than 15,000 people in Gaza 70% of them women and children, doctors and other medical aid, injured people in ambulances and journalists.

While the leaders of Israel should stand trial for war crimes and crimes against Humanity in addition to the crime of apartheid, we cannot trust the ICC to bring them to trial.




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