Once again, the police murdered a Palestinian

Yossi Schwartz ISL the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 02.04.2023

On Friday after midnight, the Zionist police murdered in cold blood a Palestinian man 26-year-old Mohammad Khaled al-Osaibi at an entrance to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem. The young man is from Houra, a Bedouin Arab village in southern Israel. The killing took place at about midnight near the Chain Gate, an access point to the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

Palestinian worshippers at the entrance of Al-Aqsa Mosque compound said police shot the man at least 10 times after he tried to prevent them from harassing a woman who was on her way to the holy compound. The police alleged al-Osaibi tried to take a gun from an officer and fired it in a scuffle.

Noureddine, a 17-year-old who lived in the neighborhood and declined to give his last name for fear of reprisals, said he saw al-Osaibi confront police who stopped a female worshiper on her way to the mosque. Noureddine said some kind of disagreement broke out between al-Osaibi and the officers before he heard a dozen shots ring out. “Nothing could justify that many shots,” he said, pointing to chaotic footage he filmed that showed Palestinian vendors and worshippers screaming at the sound of bullets being fired in rapid succession. “They were all at close range.”

Other eyewitnesses and Arab officials have mostly rejected the police version of events, and former police officials have said it is “hard to believe” the force’s insistence that the shooting wasn’t captured by any of the many CCTV cameras in the area.תחתית הטופס

Palestinian’s media widely reported al-Osaibi was a doctor who studied medicine recently in Romania.

Noureddine said police tried to force Palestinian vendors and worshippers out of the area after the incident, beating him and others with batons. Israeli police briefly closed the site before reopening it for dawn prayers

“Former Jerusalem police chief Yair Itzhaki earlier told a cultural event in Rishon “Lezion that it seemed unlikely there was no footage of the incident. “I don’t see the possibility that there is no police documentation. I personally placed the array of security cameras there,” Itzhaki said” [1]

Removing the films in the security cameras is an old trick of the Zionist armed forces to hide the murder or the massacres. In 1994 a massacre by Baruch Goldstein who murdered 29 Muslims in the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron took place. A Zionist investigation commission found that Goldstein acted alone and that the lack of films in the security cameras was not a problem “Nevertheless, in the matter at hand, there is no connection between the lack of appropriate inspection of the hundreds of worshipers who entered on the morning of 25 February, 1994, and the ineffectiveness of the closed-circuit television system, and the massacre” [2]

But Palestinian witnesses have insisted all along that they saw one or more soldiers fire into a crowd that built rapidly in a passageway outside the eastern entrance to the shrine after Dr. Goldstein started to shoot. Army officials said the three soldiers then on duty, who are scheduled to testify before the Israeli commission on Thursday, were not available for interviews…Officials from the Palestinian Investigative Committee charged that the army was trying to cover up the shooting of Palestinians in the passageway by the soldiers.”We believe the soldiers stationed at the mosque fired on the crowd,” said Mustafa Natshe, the former mayor of Hebron, who as on the 11-member Palestinian committee. “We have interviewed several witnesses who say they saw soldiers shooting on the crowd. We now divide the massacre into three parts. The first is the shooting inside the mosque by Goldstein, the second is the shooting in the passageway outside the mosque by the soldiers and the third is the shooting around Al Ahli Hospital by the soldiers” [3]

Zionist soldiers clashed with Palestinians near Al Ahli Hospital shortly after the massacre. The army said 7 to 15 Palestinians were wounded in disturbances near a main road running below the hospital and another 4 were killed. A total of 5 Palestinians died in clashes throughout Hebron that day and another 40 were wounded by the Zionist army.

On Saturday night, April 1st, 2023, the goon in uniform – a police officer – beat a protester with his baton at the anti-judicial reform protest in Tel Aviv. After the incident, Labor Chairwoman Merav Michaeli demanded in a letter to Shabtai the chief of the police that the police officer be dealt with.

“According to reports and videos that were published, at the protest tonight, an extreme incident took place where a police officer violently attacked a protestor,” she wrote. “This is an outrage, and I call on you to act with any means to make sure the incident is taken care of severely and that these sorts of incidents are not repeated” [4]

Needless to say, the demonstrators did not raise a single word against the murder of the young Palestinian. The Palestinian leadership in Israel however has called for a general strike.

“Public services, businesses, most schools shut down as community accuses cops of killing Mohammed Elasibi ‘in cold blood’ in Old City, reject police claim he attempted an attack the police” [5]

And while the brutal police force is exposed the government has promised the hooligan minister of police (National security) Ben Gevir a special force the “National Guard” under his personal command. A right-wing militia to terrorize the Palestinians even more than the existing police.

Hadash (the Stalinist’s front) that has called on the same brutal racist force- the police to protect the Palestinian citizens of Israel from the armed criminal gang instead of organizing self-defense committees, helped to open the gates before the Zionist Police to kill Palestinians.

For self-defense Palestinian committees!

Down with the Zionist Apartheid!

No support for the government or for the demonstrators for the hegemony of the Ashkenazi elite!

For a Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!


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