The beginning of the end for the Zionist monster

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 28.05.2024

A growing number of Israelis have realized that Israel has lost the war with Hamas and now they begin to say that this is not the end for Israel. Today the 28.5.2024 in Jerusalem post main line Zionist newspaper Mark Lavie  writes:

Hamas already won on Oct. 7 when it embarrassed the Israeli military by overrunning bases, killing Israelis, and taking hostages. But Israel’s future remains secure as it considers new strategies. Yes, Israel has lost the war in Gaza.No, it’s not the bitter, bloody end of the Jewish state. When Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir famously said that if the Arabs lose a war, they lose a war, but if Israel loses a war, it loses everything, she was right—for her time. The 1973 war threatened Israel’s existence. Heroic Israeli army operations and a huge American airlift of weapons and ammunition saved the Jewish state but left it in a deep, decades-long trauma.  And defeat it is. Israel has failed to achieve its stated goals: wiping out Hamas and returning all the hostages. And defeat it is. Israel has failed to achieve its stated goals: wiping out Hamas and returning all the hostages.”[i]

It can be said that Hamas already won on Oct. 7, when its terrorists embarrassed the vaunted Israeli military, overran army bases, killed so many Israelis, and made it back to Gaza with the hostages.It can also be said that Hamas won by continuing to exist as a force in Gaza despite the devastation wrought by the Israeli military, which has killed many top Hamas commanders and thousands of lower-ranking terrorists, blown up dozens of tunnels, and destroyed weapons stockpiles and workshops. Most of all, Hamas has won by putting the Palestinians back on the international map after years of neglect, making Israel a pariah in the world again, and endangering the grand US plan of forging an alliance between Israel and moderate Arab nations“.[ii]

And then he wrote that despite the fact that Hamas won, this is not the end of Israel.

What he does not understand is that the defeat of Israel against the small force of the Palestinian resistance is the beginning of the end of the Zionist Monster. Israel exists as the asset of the West as the Zionist leaders refer to their state. It became an imperialist state because Western imperialism has pumped hundreds of billion dollars into Israel because its army has been the front line of imperialism in the region.

Now the image of a strong army has gone and growing number of imperialist states begin to realize that Israel is not very useful for them. At the same time the pro-Palestinian mass movement demands to boycott Israel, and the isolation of Israel is growing fast. In an attempt to save Israel some European states are recognizing a fictious Palestinian state, and the Zionist leaders are kicking them and call them anti-Semites which shows how disconnected from the real world are the Zionists.

Down with the Zionist Monster!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!



[ii] Ibid

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