The Zionist monster continues with the killing of civilians in Rafah

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 29.05.2024

Despite the condemnation of Israel for the killing of 45 civilians by a deadly airstrike on a camp for displaced Palestinians, the Zionist army Keeps up assault on Rafah and today Tuesday 28.5.24 it killed additional 21 a displacement camp. This calculated “heinous massacre” came in defiance of the International Court of Justice’s order Friday to halt its military offensive in Rafah.

Civil defense official Mohammad al-Mughayyir said an Israeli attack on the displacement camp al-Mawasi, near Gaza’s southern city of Rafah on Tuesday killed at least 21 people, days after a similar attack that led to global outrage after 45 Palestinians were killed and dozens wounded. In addition, the UN says it has received about 170 trucks of humanitarian aid over the past three weeks – “a drop in the ocean” from the 500 trucks needed each day. Netanyahu in a speech admitted that during 8 months Israel sent 20,000 trucks of humanitarian aid which is 8 trucks a day.

The Zionist murdering military has said that the strike in Rafah on Sunday — which ignited a deadly fire in the camp and killed dozens of people — was targeting a Hamas compound and it denies that it attacked today the displacement camp al-Mawasi. The Zionist army is exploring the possibility that shrapnel from the strike set off a “secondary explosion from a Hamas munitions warehouse near the civilian compound and over 100 m away from the strike site – causing the fire that tragically took civilian lives.”

Netanyahu said on Monday it was a “tragic accident” that civilians had been killed, and on Tuesday the Zionist military’s chief spokesman Daniel Hagari, claimed that the bombs Israel had used in the attack on Sunday were too small to have caused a fire of that size. It is possible that shrapnel from the strike set off a “secondary explosion from a Hamas munitions warehouse over 100 m. away from the strike site” but even in such a case the Zionist army is responsible for the willful killing and it violated the order of the IJC to halt the war on Rafah. However, we should not be surprised if the Zionist army will claim that the 45 civilians were killed by the Palestinian resistance. As we have observed more than one time, for them to lie is like breathing air for another person.

These lies do not help Israel. China expressed “serious concern” about the Zionist military’s actions in Rafah, citing an order by the International Court of Justice last week that called Israel to stop its military offensive in Rafah. Even Britain’s foreign secretary, David Cameron, is forced to call for a “swift, comprehensive” investigation.

The NYT a mouthpiece of American imperialism says that the wording of the court’s order — which called on Israel to immediately halt any actions in Rafah, are ambiguous as the order reads: “which may inflict upon the Palestinian group in Gaza conditions of life that would bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part. Israeli officials have argued that the ruling allowed it to continue fighting in Rafah because the military would not inflict such conditions”.

This is another big lie as the order is clear the attack on Rafah must stop. The NYT also says:

“A Gazan official says at least 21 people were killed and dozens injured on Tuesday when strikes hit an area of tents housing displaced people in Al-Mawasi, a coastal area of southern Gaza where Israel has designated a humanitarian safe zone, not far from the city of Rafah. The Israeli military immediately denied it had carried out any attacks inside the zone. Videos verified by The Times show multiple people dead and injured in an agricultural region near the zone where people had been living in tents. The Gazan official, Dr. Mohammed Al Moghayer, of the Palestinian Civil Defense, said most of the dead and injured were taken to nearby field hospitals, and others to a hospital in the city of Khan Younis. The Times verified the location of the videos by matching footage of the aftermath to satellite imagery of the area, but could not verify whether an Israeli airstrike caused the damage” [i]

The US and Israel are shameless liars and partners to the genocide!

Down with American imperialism and the Zionist apartheid state!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!

[i] NYT 28.5.2024

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