The families of the Israeli captives begin to understand reality

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 11.02.2024

Imperialist wars after the first wave of chauvinism, after a while tend to expose the real interests in the war: Occupation of lands, markets, cheap labor, increase of racism, inflation and other gains for the ruling class.

In the fifth month of the war of Israel on the Palestinians, with every passing day the families of the Israeli captives in Gaza begin to understand that the Jewish citizens of Israel are also no more than peons in the political game of Israeli government, and for the Zionist state their relatives in Gaza are no more than pain in the neck that should be removed by killing them. Thus, the real enemy is the Zionist state. The problem with these families is that they are still Zionists who do not understand that the problem is not the security failure but the oppression of the Palestinians and as long they do not oppose the Zionist state and struggle with the Palestinian for a democratic socialist Palestinian state where the Israelis will have equal civil rights, they will remain peons in the imperialist game.

States are not an idea that belongs to the citizens, it is an instrument of the ruling class.

On Friday, a letter was sent on their behalf to the members of the War Cabinet, which reads: “From recent publications it appears that the War cabinet has chosen not to send a delegation to Cairo to negotiate with Hamas to free the abductees. This decision joins a series of provocative publications coordinated by the government attacking the demand to free the captives. This may lead to the death of the remaining captives as already has been happening.

The families demand to understand whether the members of the cabinet are still committed to the release of the abductees or whether the negotiation powers should be transferred to a party that considers itself committed to saving their lives.

The families also say that “from the sequence of events and statements, difficult questions arise regarding the Cabinet’s commitment to the release of the abductees. Even worse, a violent incitement campaign presents the abductees and their family members as an enemy that must be removed from the national agenda or silenced.

The headquarters of the families of the abductees also criticize the media covering the negotiations for the release of the abductees. In their letter, the families state that there are “employees who claim in the media that they are the winners of large-scale government financial aid, for calling to sacrifice the abductees and are leading an organized campaign of incitement against those citizens and soldiers who were abducted in the greatest security failure in the country’s history” [1]

Down with the Zionist monster!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!



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