The Intifada is spreading in the West-Bank and Gaza

Yossi Schwartz ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 27.02.2023

According to a record via Al Jazeera[1], the Zionist butchers have killed from the starting of the 2023 sixty five Palestinians, thirteen of them children, and wounded many hundreds. It is the bloodiest killing since 2000. On Thursday they murdered Mohammad Jawabreh, a younger man aged 22 in Arroub refugee camp north of Hebron. Jawabreh was once a police officer with the Palestinian Authority (PA) and labored in Bethlehem city. He was once also an undergraduate student in media technological know-how at the Palestine Technical University Kadoorie.

Clashes with the Zionist armed forces had broken out on Thursday throughout the occupied West Bank in response to Israel’s butchering eleven Palestinians and wounding greater than one hundred others in Nablus on Wednesday.

In addition, two Palestinian men had been shot by right wing Zionist settlers who had descended on the Palestinian village of Qusra in Nablus, and are in vital condition.

Armed groups in the besieged Gaza Strip responded to the Israeli military raid in Nablus by launching rockets at Israel late on Wednesday and threatening a wider escalation.

The Lions’ Den armed crew from Nablus whose members have been attacked all through the Zionist raid on Wednesday called on the people of the occupied West Bank to take to the streets and protest at nighttime on Thursday. A call that was heard and agreed by many thousands that appreciate the heroic younger warriors and who loathe the PA that collaborates with the Zionist butchers against the Palestinians.

To win against the Zionist apartheid state from the river to the sea it is critical to form self defense armed committees in every village and in each and every local section of an army with democratically elected country wide leaders. To get rid of the traitor Abu Mazen and his gang. To arrange a revolutionary, Constituent assembly. To turn to the Arab masses in the Arab states to start again the Arab revolution that will get rid of the local Arab ruling classes that are members of the Abraham Accord serving the USA and the Zionists imperialists.

Enough with the ridiculous enchantment to the imperialists in the USA and Europe who condemn Israel with empty phrases and help it by means of deeds. No illusions in the demonstrations that call for democracy however solely for the Jews. The Israeli Professor Neve Gordon writes correctly: “The dominant narrative about Israel presently circulating in the Global North is that Israel is “the sole democracy in the Middle East”. As such, reviews that are reputedly criticizing the new Netanyahu authorities as “undemocratic” are really serving to whitewash the inherently undemocratic nature of Israel and its main institutions, consisting of its Supreme Court.

Sure, there is democracy in Israel – however it is comparable to the one that existed amongst whites in apartheid South Africa than it is to the democracy that presently exists in the United Kingdom or France.

Millions of Palestinians in the West Bank stay beneath Israel’s rule and can’t take part in the political process, whilst heaps of Palestinians living in annexed East Jerusalem are “residents” and hence can’t vote in the country’s national elections. And even although Palestinian citizens of Israel can take part in elections, they too are subjected to a sequence of discriminatory laws. All this, in accordance with many researchers, prison scholars, activists and revered global organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, that say Israel is not a \functioning liberal democracy but an “apartheid”. Put differently, the democracy that is presently “under attack” from the authorities in Israel is a democracy solely for the Jews.

Similarly, the Israeli Supreme Court, portrayed in worldwide media as a principled defender of democratic rights – however solely for the Jews. As numerous research has shown, the court docket has performed an integral position in enabling Israel’s colonial undertaking and legitimizing the state’s abuses towards Palestinians. Its rulings supplied legitimacy to the expropriation of Palestinian land, and prison cowl for extrajudicial executions, domestic demolitions, deportations, and administrative detentions focused on Palestinians. A few of its justices are themselves settlers and, as such, criminals in accordance to international law” [2]

Down with the Zionist apartheid state!

For a red and free Palestine from the river to the sea!




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