The Palestinian heroic struggle continues!

Yossi Schwartz of the ISL, the RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 08.11.2022
The Zionist oppressive army with the assistance of the traitors Palestinian Authority (PA) was able to damage seriously the freedom fighters of the Lion’s Den. This does not mean that the Zionists have been able to destroy the organizations of the armed resistance. The brigades of Jenin and of Nablus organize the resistance in the North of the West–Bank, what the Zionists call the northern Shomron (part of the ancient kingdom of Israel).

In April 2002 the Zionist army committed a massacre in Jenin. April was also the month of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Needless to say the Germen called the Jewish fighters “bloody terrorists” as Israel call the Palestinian freedom fighters “terrorists”.
The regiment of Jenin has connections to the Islamic Jihad but many of its fighters do not identify with any Palestinian faction. The fighters of this organization have their own uniforms. Black bands on the heads with the logo of the division of Al Quds . They cover their faces and wear defensive vests. Most of them armed with M16. This was  developed as the AR-15 by American engineer Eugene Stoner of Arma Lite Inc. in the late 1950s. The rifle received high marks for its light weight, its accuracy, and the volume of fire that it could provide.
Last week the Zionists killed the charismatic leader Faruk Salama, the commander of the Jenin branch of the Quds Brigade – Islamic Jihad’s armed wing. He was killed during a daytime raid in the Jenin refugee camp.
The Brigade of Jenin became known in September 2021 when the six Palestinian political prisoners managed to escape from the Gilboa the high security prison. An escape that shook the colonialist settler society. The brigade is recognize as the leaders of the refugee camp and the forces of the PA do not dare to enter the camp.
The brigade of Jenin has inspired others to form and join armed brigades not only in Nablus but in Tubas and Tulkarem. Even the Lion’s den was organized under the influence of the brigade of Jenin.
The brigade of Jenin has already a rich record of fighting the Zionist colonialist-imperialist army. Young people known for their writings and videos in the social nets are proudly joining the brigades.
Thus if the Zionists and the PA had the illusion that by harming the Lion’s den they managed to end the armed resistance they are wrong. Not only this but the resistance is inspiring the Arab Masses. The social networks in the Arab states are attacking the meeting in Sharem where the Zionist president met the hated Tunisian PM Nag’la Ramadan who is the servant of the hated dictatorial President Kais Saied.
At the same time a new flotilla to Gaza to break the siege is planned. It will sail in six months.
The new government of Netanyahu where he himself will be its left wing and the extreme right winger Ben Gevir is likely to be the Minister of Interior Security/Police will only push for more intensive Palestinian armed resistance.
At the same time while a few US Jewish groups expressed distress over the results of Israel’s election and the major gains for far-right parties, including extremist MK Itamar Ben Gvir, most mainstream organizations, including those that spoke against Ben Gvir in the past, were more cautious, expressing hopes of working with the new government. Thus you cannot find Zionists who are not racist and to fight Anti-Semitism it is necessary to fight Zionism.
Down with racist Zionism!
Down with the Zionists apartheid state from the river to the sea!
For a Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!

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