The Zionists are not welcome in Qatar

Yossi Schwartz ISL the RCIT section in Israel/Palestine, 28.11.2022

The Abraham Accords is a series of treaties normalizing diplomatic relations between Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco, facilitated by the U.S. Administration] between August and December 2020. The agreements were called “The Abraham Accords” in honor of Abraham – the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

These rotten agreements change a decade that had consistently linked prospects for Israeli peace with Arab states to a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The agreements of 2020 reflect a significant improvement for Israel’s strategic position in the region and the open betrayal of the Arab local rulers, servants of imperialism, of the Palestinian people.

On September 15, 2020, the UAE signed a normalization agreement with Israel. The same day, Bahrain signed a declaration of peace with Israel. One month later the two signed a joint declaration of diplomatic relations with Israel. On December 22, 2020, Morocco signed a declaration of renewal of diplomatic relations with Israel.

The Gulf state signed the Abraham Accords not only because of their hostility to Iran, but to be assisted by Israel against a new round of the Arab revolution. In addition, these accords serve the interest of American imperialism. The UAE wanted access to advanced American weapons systems that the accords with Israel can bring.

One of the central goals of the Israel Chief of Staff of the Zionist army Aviv Kochavi’s visit in July to Morocco was to advance arms deals. Morocco has purchased military equipment from Israel worth $1.2 billion over the past two years, and Israel intends to double this amount, according to a report in Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth by military analyst Alex Fishman [1]. In April 2019, a court rejected an appeal against the prison sentences imposed on Hirak (“movement”) activists, some of whom had received heavy sentences. Major setbacks regarding freedom of speech and civil liberties have also manifested in the arrest of journalists, artists and human rights activists on various charges, which are a reflection of the continued use of the judicial system against critics and independent actors.

“Morocco needs these arms to crush the people of Western Sahara. Formerly a Spanish colony, the territory of Western Sahara was invaded and occupied by Moroccan and Mauritanian troops in 1975 following what has come to be known as the Madrid Accords, when Spain unilaterally withdrew from its colony. Through this act, both countries violated the 1975 International Court of Justice (ICJ) declaration that neither Morocco nor Mauritania has territorial sovereignty over the Western Sahara. The United Nations did not recognize the Madrid Accords, and a 2002 opinion of the UN Office of Legal Affairs made clear that colonizing powers cannot simply hand over the keys of one country to another. In 1976, the Polisario Front, recognized by the United Nations as the only legitimate representative of the Sahrawi people, announced (from exile in Algeria) the establishment of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) as an independent state.” [2]

“On an official visit to Morocco in June 2022, Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked said on June 21, “Israel supports the sovereignty of Morocco on the Sahara. We talked about the close relationship between the two countries, and also the joint projects that we can do together” [3]

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid had previously addressed the issue, but in a more general manner. In March, Lapid hosted in the southern Negev region the foreign ministers of the US, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Morocco, for a first-of-its-kind meeting. After his meeting with Bourita on the sidelines of the Negev summit, Lapid issued a statement saying that the participating countries would work together to counter “attempts to weaken Moroccan sovereignty and territorial integrity.” [4]

Israel has sold to Arab countries weapons and military equipment amounting to $3.5 billion since the signing of the Abraham Accords two years ago. The report pointed out that where Israel sells weapons, it also sells training, maintenance and software modifications.” [5]

So, who are the Anti-Semites that claim that Israel oppresses only the Palestinians? As a matter of fact, Israel has a long record of selling weapons to many regimes that oppress the local population. Sometimes even Jews (see the case of Argentina and the Junta that Israel supported).

However, while the rotten Arab rulers collaborate with Israel against the local population the Arab workers and poor hate the Zionists. “Many Israelis have claimed to have been met by hostility and hatred at the World Cup in Qatar, with fans refusing to speak to Israeli journalists, waving Palestinian flags in the background of their videos and yelling at them. Moav Vardy, KAN’s foreign affairs reporter, was yelled at by a Saudi fan who told him that “You are not welcome here. This is Qatar. This is our country. There is only Palestine; no Israel. Other videos from Qatar show people immediately walking away when they find out the person interviewing them is Israeli. In one particular video, N12’s Ohad Hemo begins to interview a group of Lebanese men who then walk away when Hemo tells them he’s Israeli. One of them then turns back and asks Hemo what he’s doing there and then tells him that Israel doesn’t exist. In other videos, people stand behind various Israeli reporters and raise Palestinian flags” [6]

The Zionists will claim of course that these is a manifestation of Anti-Semitism while in reality it is a healthy expression of hate of the racist oppressors.

Down with Israeli racism!

Break the disgusting Abraham records!

For a red free Palestine from the river to the sea!





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