The sick reaction of the Zionist political system to the announcement of Karim Khan

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 22.05.2024

Anti-Semitic Puppet Theater: The Zionist political system is outraged at the request to issue warrants against Netanyahu and Gallant.

Politicians from the Likud rushed to criticize Karim Khan for his request for arrest warrants against the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense on the grounds of starvation, withholding humanitarian aid, extermination, and more. A political official said: “This is an unprecedented moral low, where the leaders of a democratic and normative country are in the same row with vile murderers like Hamas.” Lapid: “A political disaster, we call on the American administration to have Congress convene and condemn the arrest warrants”[i]

“A political official told “Israel Today” about the demand: “History is repeating itself. Once again, the world is turning its back on the Jews, like in the Holocaust. This is a moral low that was like no other, that puts the leaders of a democratic and normative state in the same row with vile murderers like Hamas.” Another political official said: “We have been running a campaign against the issue since 2014 and will continue for years to come.”[ii]

Minister Benny Gantz also condemned the decision: “The State of Israel embarked on the most just war, after a massacre by a terrorist organization against its citizens. The State of Israel fights in the most moral way in history, adhering to international law, and has an independent and strong judicial system. Placing the leaders of a country that went into a defensive battle For its citizens in the same line as bloodthirsty terrorists – it is a moral blindness and a violation of its duty and ability to protect its citizens. Accepting the prosecutor’s position will be a historical crime that will not go away.”[iii]

“On behalf of the Headquarters of the Families, it was stated: “The Headquarters of the Families welcomes the issuance of the warrants against senior Hamas officials, which constitute further recognition of the crimes against humanity that they have committed and are still committing, against the citizens of the State of Israel, including 128 abductees who are still in Hamas basements and suffer daily abuse. The Headquarters of the Families Rejects the symmetry between Israel’s leadership and the murderers of Hamas and believes that the way to prove this again in front of the whole world is by immediately entering into negotiations that will release the abducted, the living for rehabilitation and the murdered for burial.”[iv]

“The British embassies in Israel provided a strong response to The Hague: “We do not believe that issuing warrants will help free the hostages, get aid or bring about a sustainable ceasefire. This remains the UK’s priority. As we have said from the beginning, we do not think the ICC has jurisdiction over the case. Britain has not yet recognized Palestine as a state, and Israel is not a state party to the Rome Treaty”.[v]

During his faction’s meeting, MK Ahmed Tibi of Hadash-Taal commented on the request to issue the orders: “We have opposed this war from the beginning. We have opposed harming civilians, wherever they may be, to all the horrors of the war. We made a moral statement and warned that the crimes, mass killings, and starvation would eventually lead to the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

The decision is not surprising. Many knew it would happen and are now shouting against the expected decision.”[vi]

Only gruesome demagogues Zionists can compare the request for arrest warrants against the   Zionist war criminals to the Jewish holocaust by the Nazis. What Israel is doing is similar to what the Nazis did, even though not on the same scale.

The position of Lapid proves once again that the Zionist right, center, and left are all reactionaries. The position of the Headquarters of the Families proves that all the Zionists are not innocent, and the position of Tibi in accepting the arrest warrants of Hamas leaders proves how low the Arab so-called opposition is under the pressure of the Zionists.

The reaction of British imperialism that provided weapons for the genocide of the Palestinians was expected! We have yet to see Hadash’s and the Socialist struggle’s positions, but we can predict that they will be similar to Tibi’s response.

The request for an arrest warrant for the leaders of Hamas a mockery of Justice!

Down with the Zionist apartheid from the river to the sea!

No trust in the imperialist institutions like the ICC and ICJ or the UNSC!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!


[i] translated from Hebrew

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