The Zionists and Biden are drowning in the sea of the sharp class struggle  

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 22.05.2024

I’m sending a clear and unequivocal message to Ireland and Norway: Israel will not remain silent in the face of those undermining its sovereignty and endangering its security,” Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz wrote in a post on X After the Hamas terror organization carried out the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust, after committing heinous sexual crimes witnessed by the world, these countries chose to reward Hamas and Iran by recognizing a Palestinian state.” [i]

The recognition of a Palestinian state by Ireland and Norway is an indication of the isolation of Israel in the world, and the declining power of American imperialism used to be the only superpower after the death of Soviet Stalinism.

“In 1989, Francis Fukuyama, an employee of the US State Department, wrote a paper for the right-leaning international relations magazine The National Interest entitled “The End of History?” In 1992, he expanded his article to a book, The End of History and the Last Man. At that time, many took his book very seriously, but today, only the village idiot can believe that only Western imperialism will survive forever.”

Katz’s statement just proves that as long as the Zionist state continues to exist, the Palestinians will not gain any independent state, even in the size of the smallest room in your home. Only the destruction of the Zionist apartheid state by the revolutionary struggle of the Arab working class at the head of the oppressed nations can liberate Palestine.

Katz, like other Zionists, repeats the lie that Hamas raped Jewish women. This claim was based on the “position paper” published by Physicians for Human Rights-Israel in November last year. However, this Israeli Human rights organization retracted from this paper and admitted that it was not based on real evidence.[ii]

The Zionist Minister of War Galant says that the Israelis who settled in Gaza in the past can settle in the West Bank.

106 Mk, that is, most of the Zionists’ right, center and “left” signed a declaration that attacked Karim Khan, the prosecutor of the ICC.

“One hundred and six out of 120 Knesset lawmakers from both sides of the aisle sign a letter condemning International Criminal Court chief prosecutor Karim Khan’s decision to seek arrest warrants against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant over the war in Gaza. The State of Israel is in the midst of a just war against a criminal terrorist organization. The IDF is the most moral army in the world. Our heroic soldiers fight with unparalleled courage and morality, by international law, as no other army has ever done,” the letter states” [iii]

“US President Joe Biden strongly rejected Monday the decision by International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor Karim Khan to seek arrest warrants for a pair of senior Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Biden said the decision is “outrageous” and pledged to stand with Israel as the process plays out. He further decried what he called Khan’s “equivalence” between Israel and Hamas, three leaders of which were included in Khan’s application for arrest warrants, as was Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. Let me be clear: whatever this prosecutor might imply, there is no equivalence — none — between Israel and Hamas. We will always stand with Israel against threats to its security,” the president said in a statement” [iv]

Thus, Biden, the Pontius Pilatus of our time, also joined the Zionists, and the US Congress is threatening the ICC if it will issue the requested arrest warrants for the top Zionist politicians. What a bunch of pirates. 

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!



[ii]  The Electronic Intifada May 19 2024



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