The war drums are heard once again in the Middle East

Yossi Schwartz, ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 10.08.2023

The Pentagon announced this week that thousands of US troops were being deployed to the region to help protect shipping lanes, such as those in the Strait of Hormuz, from Iranian “harassment” [1]

“Over the past few months, the US has accused Iran of seizing several international ships going through the Gulf. But analysts highlighted that Tehran’s recent behavior in the strategic waters came after Washington confiscated an Iranian oil tanker as part of its sanctions-enforcement push”.

“Israel has sought since early June to remove two tents placed by Hezbollah in the contested Mount Dov region, also known as the Shebaa Farms, but only one has so far been dismantled after Israel reportedly sent a message to Hezbollah threatening an armed confrontation if it did not remove the outpost. Nasrallah said his forces would attack Israel if it tries to remove the other one” [2]

“According to the official Israeli stance, the area is an integral part of the Golan Heights and should be negotiated with Syria, if and when peace talks are resumed. Lebanon, however, supported by Syria, claims the area is an integral part of South Lebanon, and should have been included when Israel withdrew from Lebanon. Israel views this dispute as a Hezbollah fabrication, invented to continue its armed struggle against Israel. Arab public opinion, on the other hand, considers it yet more proof of Israel’s expansionist nature”

“North of the border, Nasrallah gloated late last month, after the first judicial overhaul bill passed, that Israel’s “trust, awareness and self-confidence have deteriorated into the crisis it is experiencing today.” He said the protests in the wake of the vote marked Israel’s “worst” day since the state’s creation and the country was on the “path to disappearance” [3]

Thus, a new war in the region is a real possibility. Such a war is in the interest of the Netanyahu   government in order to unite the Zionists especially those who protest against his government. However, Israel feels weak as it is in the process that may lead to ethnic civil war and for this reason High-ranking figures from Israel’s foreign ministry and its armed forces intend to engage in talks with UN officials and ambassadors of the UN Security Council

In a case of a war between the imperialist settler’s colonialist state and Hezbollah or Israel and the U.S against Iran the ISL will take the position of a revolutionary defeat for the imperialists and support for the military victory of Iran and Hezbollah without giving them political support.

Down with the Zionist state!

Down with American imperialism!

In the case of a war of Israel and the U.S against Hezbollah and Iran, we stand for the defeat of the imperialists!





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