The Zionist Goliath Could Not Win Against the Small PIJ

Yossi Schwartz ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 14.05.2023

The Zionist apartheid state and the Palestinian Guerrilla movement, the Islamic Jihad group (PIJ) in Gaza have agreed to a cease fire that has officially been in effect since 10 Pm Israel’s time. Sisi the dictator of Egypt has brokered the ceasefire backed by American imperialism.

In Western imperialist states Israel only defended itself against terrorism. Here come the questions: who are the sides that fought and how did this round began?

Israel is a settler colonialist society and an imperialist nation. The PIJ is a guerilla movement of the oppressed. The round began when a high-profile Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan, a leader of the PIJ died in Israeli custody on Tuesday after a nearly three-month hunger strike, in protest against his arrest without a trial (administration arrest that Israel uses when there is no evidence against a Palestinian). Israel’s prison service announced his death, at a time of already soaring tensions between Israel and the Palestinians as result of the bloody raids by the Zionists using state terror.

Shortly after his death was announced, Palestinian fighters in the Gaza Strip fired a volley of rockets into southern Israel. Palestinians called for a general strike in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

According to the Time: “The latest wave of violence began with Israeli airstrikes on Gaza on Tuesday that targeted Islamic Jihad, the second-largest Palestinian armed group in Gaza. Israeli airstrikes have since Tuesday killed five senior figures from Islamic Jihad, including most recently Ali Ghali, the head of its rocket force, and Ahmed Abu Daqqa, a senior commander. But rights groups have criticized the airstrikes, which have hit residential buildings” [1]

Islamic Jihad confirmed a truce had been reached. “We declare our acceptance of the Egyptian announcement and we will abide by it as long as the occupation [Israel] abides by it,” said the group’s spokesman, Dawoud Shehab.The Israeli military confirmed to Al Jazeera that there will be a “situational assessment” regarding the ceasefire, according to Willem Marx reporting from Ashkelon, Israel” [2]

The cease-fire is in the interest of the Zionist imperialist state that wanted to end the war before coming Thursday – when the ultra-Nationalist march of the Zionist flags will take place in East Jerusalem. If the PIJ is able to keep the military struggle against the Zionist enemy it would become the victorious side as it will connect the PIJ with the defense of القدس – Alquds (Jerusalem and the Al Aqsa Mosques).

The small guerrilla movement that fought alone against the inhuman fourth or fifth strongest army in the world, was unable to stand the pressure including of Hamas and agreed to the cease-fire. Like in all the Zionists’ wars, they murdered entire families and demolished houses and entire floors.

Since Tuesday, the Zionist state has killed 33 people among them six children, three women and two elderly people, and injured more than 160 others in Gaza, the majority of whom are children and women.

The opposition leadership supported the Zionist imperialist aggression, but in demonstrations in Tel Aviv and Haifa there was a pacifist block of Hadash -the Stalinist front in support of a cease-fire that served Israel with slogans like: “Stop the war on Gaza,” “Our hearts are with Gaza,” “No democracy with the occupation,” “Palestinian lives matter,” and “No to the aggression on Gaza.”

This pacifist line echoed the position of the collaborator Mahmoud Abbas “Sunday, May 14, 2023 (WAFA) – President Mahmoud Abbas commended last night the great efforts made by the Arab Republic of Egypt to reach a ceasefire agreement and stop the Israeli aggression against our people in the Gaza Strip.”

The position of the revolutionary Marxists as a military victory for the PUJ and revolutionary defeat for Israel. In a war between an Imperialist state and oppressed nations Marxists always take the side of the oppressed nation.

It is difficult to know how many women and children the Zionists butchered as the Zionist army prevented non-Zionist journalists from entering Gaza. But by estimation more than 30.

The Zionists can brag that it won the war after they killed six local leaders of the PIJ but consider the fact that during this short war 70% of the Israelis living in the South of Israel ran away and the fact that the Zionist state was unable to prevent the shooting of 1500 missiles by the small PIJ we can learn that in a war between Iran with all its allies against Israel the Zionist state will be crashed.

In any case today the first day after the declaration of a cease-fire the Zionist goons in uniform attacked in the West Bank. Six Palestinians were arrested during raids into occupied Jerusalem and the northwestern countryside of the city, according to local sources.

In the neighborhood of al-Issawiya, Israeli police detained three Palestinians after raiding and searching their family homes, local sources reported. A fourth Palestinian was also arrested in the nearby Jabal Al-Mukabir neighborhood. Two more Palestinians were also arrested by the Israeli army during a raid into the village of Katanna, northwest of Jerusalem.” [3]

Considering the feelings of the Israelis and the people of Gaza the winner of this round is Netanyahu on one side and the PIJ on the other side. As long as the Israeli Jews remain Zionist, rotten characters like Netanyahu will win. For the Palestinians to win they must be part of the winning Arab revolution led by the working class with a revolutionary leadership

Down with the Zionist apartheid state from the river to the sea!

For a Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!




[3] WAFA

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