The Zionist State – what’s next?

Yossi Schwartz, ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 26.07.2023

You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to understand that Benjamin Netanyahu will employ the army to kill more Palestinians in the West-Bank and Gaza with the aim of unifying all the Zionists. Thus, on Monday, the Hooligans in uniforms that are called by the Zionists and their friends “IDF” raided Nour Shams camp outside Tulkarem, an Arab city the North of the West-Bank. According to the newspaper al-Quds, the barbarian forces raided many homes and wreaked great damage.

“Two young Palestinians were wounded and are in stable condition. At least two young men were arrested and dragged out of their homes, including Moamen Qaraawi, the son of Hamas leader Fathi Qaraawi.

“The occupation forces deliberately sabotaged and bulldozed the infrastructure in some streets in the camp, the same way they carried out their operation in the Jenin camp a few weeks ago,” al-Quds reported. “They also demolished the walls of houses, and deliberately sabotaged vehicles, breaking some of them.” [1]

In every village the Zionist goons entered, the local people confronted them and detonated explosive devices with their vehicles, al-Quds reported.

The Palestinians in the West-Bank and Gaza debate the implications of the deep crisis of the Zionist society.

While some Palestinians have expressed hope that the crisis would mark the beginning of the “collapse” of the “Zionist entity” and the “disintegration” of Israeli society and the IDF, others said they did not rule out the possibility that the Israeli government would initiate a military confrontation with the Palestinians or the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorist group as part of an effort to reunite the Israeli public.” [2]

“On social media, the hashtag “The [Zionist] Entity is Collapsing” has been trending almost since the beginning of the widespread protests in Israel. Several Palestinian and Arab social-media users predicted that the crisis would lead to the “collapse” of Israel, especially in light of the opposition of many IDF reservists and pilots to the judicial reform” [3]

While some Palestinians said they take the crisis between the US administration and the Israeli government seriously, others underestimated its significance, saying the Americans would never abandon Israel, notwithstanding who’s in government in Jerusalem” [4]

Talal Okal, a Palestinian columnist affiliated with the PA says: “The Israeli government was currently focusing its efforts on “saving the head” of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is on trial for corruption-related charges.

“Furthermore, the Israeli government can’t find support in international areas, including the US, because of its policies and actions, Okal said. Since the beginning of the crisis in Israel, the Netanyahu government has initiated rounds of fighting with the Palestinians as a means of distraction”.

“Netanyahu tried, so he went to Gaza, then to Jenin, but he failed to alleviate the crisis,” Okal said. “And he hasn’t been able to escalate the situation with Hezbollah. Each time Netanyahu goes for a partial escalation for a limited time, the protests [in Israel] come back to the streets” [5]

And while the two Zionist opposing camps are getting close to a civil war the isolation of the Zionist apartheid state is growing fast. For example

“The association for American anthropologists has voted to formally boycott Israeli academic institutions, seven years after shutting down a similar vote, in a sign of the shifting tides of the Israel debate on American college campuses. The resolution calls Israel an “apartheid regime from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.” It pledges to continue the boycott “until such time as these institutions end their complicity in violating Palestinian rights as stipulated in international law.” [6]

According to the Jewish Press that supports Netanyahu: “Ehud Olmert, the only Israeli prime minister who was convicted of a criminal offense and served a prison sentence, has hitched his cart of a political comeback to the horses of the anarchy, alongside another has been, former prime minister Ehud Barak. On Monday, their side was handed a clear defeat which no burning of bonfires in the streets and clashes with police can erase. And so, without hesitation, Olmert declared a civil war on UK TV’s Channel 4, shocking his interviewer.” [7]

“Here are the full 58 seconds of his declaration, please note the host’s shock, to which Olmert responds by softening the term from “civil war” to “civil disobedience.” But don’t let that fool you, the man who’s been watching Netanyahu with dripping envy since 2006, like Barak, who’s been dripping the same envy juice since 2000, wants a civil war.”

The right centrist Socialist Struggle that fails to understand the nature of Israel as an apartheid state and are confusing the capitalist class with the working class wrote (and I translated from Hebrew):

“The centrality of the idea of using the weapon of strike as a decisive means in the movement against the “legal coup” alludes to the potentially decisive power of the working class in society. Even the capitalists and generals – representatives of the rule of capital and the dictatorship of the occupation disguised as “Knights of Democracy,” who oppose a government they see as an agent of chaos for their system – have been pushed in recent months to return to the Histadrut chairman and provide exceptional legitimacy for labor strikes.

In this, and relying on a strategy of mass struggle, they themselves are forced to implicitly admit the power of organized labor and the working class in general, which fundamentally threatens their profit interest as well and can threaten even their system as a whole.

Ironically, the Business Forum, composed of some 150 largest corporations, has come out against Bar-David for his refusal so far to lead a general strike in the current round. In an attempt to “fill space,” the forum announced a trading shutdown by capitalists on Monday, which appeared to be concentrated on supermarket and food chains. A number of large law firms and high-tech corporations allowed employees to choose to participate in demonstrations throughout the day. In the background, 68% of startup businesses have begun to take steps to extract capital and migrate from Israel (23.7). But these pressures from the ruling class, which have not deterred the government, include a clear threat to harm workers and to eliminate jobs—such threats to livelihoods, even if excused by government actions, should be met with fierce opposition” [8]

Thus, according to the perverse logic of these centrists it is the capitalist class that serves the working class or at least replaced the working class, in this racist movement calling for democracy for the Ashkenazi Jews only. A movement that attacks Arabs who came with Palestinian flags.

It is probably not the end of Israel as yet, but the historical dialectical process and in particular the law of negation of the negation is leading to the end of this modern crusaders state. What we see is the beginning of the end.

Down with the Zionist apartheid state and all its servants.!

For a Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!


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