The servants of the Zionist apartheid state attack the heroes of Jenin

Statement by the ISL the section of the RCIT in Israel /Occupied Palestine, 04.08.23

During the fight between the Zionist army and the young fighters who defended the Jenin refugees camp the armed forces of the Palestinian Authority (PA) stood aside instead of participating in the battle on the side of the young heroes. They were fighting with light weapons against one of the strongest armies in the world that uses very modern heavy weapons provided by the American imperialists.

Because of this betrayal, the fighters of Jenin led by Khaled al-Ararawi expelled senior Fatah officials Mahmoud al-Aloul and Azzam al-Ahmed during the funerals of some of the Palestinian gunmen killed during the Zionist attack.

Then armed clashes erupted on Tuesday night between the PA officers and the young fighters in Jenin refugee camp in the latest sign of mounting tensions between the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Hamas.

A senior PA official described brave fighters as “thugs” and”car-thieves” and said the Palestinian security forces would chase each one of them and bring them to trial. The official accused Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas of working on instructions from Iran to undermine the PA and increase violence and instability in the West Bank” [1]

The clashes erupted after the PA forces refused to release Khaled al-Ararawi, whose nephew, Majdi, was killed during last month’s large-scale Israeli military attack in the camp. Majdi was a member of the Jenin Battalion, an armed group whose some of its members are affiliated with Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Thus not only the Zionists, the Arab local rulers and the Western imperialists are the enemies of the Palestinian war for national liberation but so is the PA. The road of betrayal began with the Oslo accord.

The victory of the Palestinians war for national liberation will be won as part of the victory of the Arab revolution that will begin as a fight for democracy and end with socialist revolution.

Release Khaled al-Ararawi and all other Palestinian political prisoners whether held by the PA or Israel!

Down with the PA traitors!

Down with the Zionist apartheid state from the river to the sea

Expel all the imperialists from the region

For red and free Palestine from the river to the sea!



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