The Zionists dare to call the Jews who oppose the genocide of the Palestinians Kapos and Judenräte

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 01.05.2024 

The Zionist propagandists who claim that the American students who protest against the Zionist genocide are anti-Semites have a problem. Two large Jewish organizations participate in the protest, and the Zionists need to portray these Jews as enemies of the Jews. They found a solution: call them Kapos and Judenräte.

Zina Rakhamilova wrote in the Jerusalem Post:

“These hundreds of students and some faculty members claim that these are peaceful protests despite the very well-documented evidence that vicious antisemitic, pro-Hamas, and pro-terror sentiments have been expressed. They argue that the fringe few who have attacked Jews do not represent their entire cause, which they believe is just one.

One of the main arguments that they use to mask their antisemitism is that a small fraction of Jews attend these protests and have even been arrested because they support the cause. The Jews at these antisemitic encampments even hosted a Passover Seder at Columbia University.It hurts me to point to the Holocaust, where we also witnessed how a fringe minority of Jews would end up harming and betraying the collective community. The term Kapo referred to a prisoner in a Nazi camp who the SS guards assigned to supervise the labor camps, purposefully designed to turn victim against the victim. The Kapos were spared from physical abuse and hard labor if the SS guards were satisfied with their performance.

There was also the Judenrat in German, which meant “Jewish Council,” an administrative body established by the Nazis which was responsible for implementing Nazi policies to the rest of the Jewish community. The Judenrat’s responsibilities would include reporting the numbers of their Jewish populations, clearing residences and turning them over, presenting workers for forced labor, confiscating valuables, collecting tribute, and turning these over. In general, the Judenräte represented the elite from their Jewish communities and were often in charge of security and control of the ghettos”[i].

The simple truth is that most Jewish Kapos were Zionists because the Nazis liked to work with them. A study on this topic revealed:

“As we started researching the Haavara ( the transfer) Agreement, we kept coming across so many Zionist Jews who collaborated (a.k.a. kapos) with the Nazi occupation in Europe during WWII to save their necks (chief among them are Chaim Rumkowski, Avraham Gancwajch, Lotek Salzwasser, Moshe Merin, Jacob Gens, Oskar Neumann, Adam Czerniakow who committed suicide, Apolinary Hartglas, Joel Brand, and Dr. Rezso Kastner). Initially, it was assumed that those were aberrations and isolated cases. On the other hand, it quickly became apparent that Nazis preferred to work with Zionists activists, although they were a minority amongst Europe’s Jews (Dan Porat, p . 35-36). But why did Nazis prefer Zionists over other Jews to work with? What was so special about Zionists that made them appealing for Nazis to work with? Why did David Ben-Gurion & Co. go on a limb to defend, hasbara, and protect the indefensible, especially in the case of the infamous Dr. Kastner? Why are the kapo files still locked, although much of the Zionist archives were released? Why did the Israeli courts and society almost give free passes to Kapos when other countries hanged traitors for much, much lesser crimes? We shall address those questions shortly, but first, an introduction to this taboo subject is required.

From our research, we found that the Kapos phenomenon was an open secret in Europe and pre-Nakba Palestine, which explains why the majority of Europe’s Jews voted with their feet and immigrated to the Americas to live with the Gentiles, not to Palestine. However, it was emptied of its people. When Hannah Arendt (one of the towering intellectual figures of the 20th century) first brought this phenomenon to the public attention in her “Eichmann in Jerusalem” book (see Chapter VII – p. 153-178 with our added commentary) in mid-1963, Zionists and their top dogs in the US, UK & Europe ganged upon her and almost canceled her for good. However, Ms. Arendt didn’t point the finger directly at Zionists. Ms. Arendt was accused (by Zionist propagandists) of “blaming the Jews for the Holocaust” and for giving a slap on the wrist to the Nazis (conflating Zionism with Judaism is a common Zionist tactic). That said, Ms. Arendt’s presentation unequivocally implied that it was Zionist leaders’ collaboration with Nazis (in the death camps) to blame (especially when she cited only Zionist leaders as the main kapos), and it is strongly suspected that Ben-Gurion was in her crosshair. When you read Ms. Arendt’s presentation, you will clearly understand how kapos made Nazis’ killing machines extremely efficient, manned by mostly Jews, very cost-effective (i.e., the camps were manned by only a few thousand SS guards), and above all, how the whole process was streamlined from A to Z. Is it possible that 3/4 of the French Jews survived the holocaust because they refused to cooperate with the French Judenrat? (Tony Greenstein, p. 194-5, the fact France had no central registry for Jews also played a big factor)”[ii]

Tony Greenstein wrote in “Zionist-Nazi collaboration and the Holocaust: a historical aberration? Lenni Brenner revisited”:

“What was important was not the subjective intentions of the Judenräte members. No one has claimed that all members of the Judenräte were collaborators, although over two-thirds of the members of the Judenräte (67.1 percent) comprised Zionist supporters.[iii]

Hannah Arendt argued that:

Wherever Jews lived, there were recognized Jewish leaders. This leadership, almost without exception, co-operated in one way or another, for one reason or another, with the Nazis. . . if the Jewish people had been unorganized and leaderless. . . the total number of victims would hardly have been between four and a half and six million people[iv].

Hilberg described how the Judenräte became a German tool as a consequence of their origin, condition, and strategy. . . . from the beginning, virtually all of the Councils were placed into an irreversible position, regardless of the thoughts or perceptions of their leaders. It was Wisliceny, the butcher of Slovakian, Greek, and Hungarian Jewry, who best summed up the role of the Judenräte when he told Joel Brand that ‘Our system is to exterminate the Jews through the Jews. We concentrate the Jews in the ghettos – through the Jews; we deport the Jews – by the Jews; and we gas the Jews – by The Judenräte were responsible for marking, concentrating, expropriating, and providing the lists of Jews to be rounded up for deportation[v]. In some ghettos, the Judenrat and the Jewish Police conducted searches to find anyone hiding from deportation [vi]

“Here is the unvarnished truth: the kapos in the death camps were no different from the kapos in Palestine; both were similar threads cut from the same cloth. And if Rommel made it to Palestine (which was a viable scenario then), Ben-Gurion & Co. would have gotten Chaim Rumkowski’s fate. Both did what was best to serve their interests and necks. Did Dr. Kastner “save” 1,600 Jews? YES, he did. 1,600 Zionists in return for streamlining the murder of 440,000 Hungarian Jews. When Ms. Arendt explained (backed with evidence & logical arguments) how the Nazi killing machine became to be so efficient and streamlined, she was chewed and spit out by the Zionists’ mob (some described it as a pogrom) because she dared to expose Zionists’ role in greasing Nazis’ lean mean killing machine. That is exactly why Palestinians are being used as the patsies to deflect away from Zionists’ role in greasing the Nazi killing machine”[vii].

Down with the Zionist dirty lies!

Down with the Zionist apartheid from the river to the sea!

For red free Palestine from the river to the sea!




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