They want to break the pro-Palestinian protests

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel /Occupied Palestine), 01.05.2024

A demonstration against Israel’s war on Gaza at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) was attacked by a vigilante pro-Israel mob that attacked a solidarity encampment occupied by peaceful pro-Palestinian protesters. Masked pro-Israel vigilante appeared in their hundreds from outside the university campus and hurled fireworks into the encampment. The attackers, carrying Israeli flags, tried to tear down the pro-Palestinian camp, assaulting students with pepper spray, sticks, stones, and metal fencing. Someone powerful no doubt stood behind the attack. It was not a spontaneous event but a planned one.

The police stayed there for four hours, allowing the attack without intervention. It means it was in coordination with the attackers. The Pro Palestinians defended themselves against the mob. The question is, who is behind this attack? It can be Israel sending trained soldiers or criminal gangs, the University administration that hired a criminal gang, or even the US administration. The attack brings to mind the gang of Camel’ riders who attacked the pro-democracy crowd in Tahrir Square in Cairo during the Arab Spring. In that case, the government of Mubarak stood behind the attack. The pro-Palestinians must organize self-defense and not rely on the police. There will be more attacks by vigilantes. It is essential to link the pro-Palestinians with the working class in support of the people of Gaza.

For self-defense of the pro-Palestinians!

Destroy the vigilantes!

Free tuition with a living stipend 

For a worker’s party, there is no trust in the same monster with two heads, the Democratic and the Republican parties, that are the parties of the capitalist ruling class!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea! 

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