They are leaving the sinking ship

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 07.03.2024

It is difficult to know how many Israelis left the country because they do not want to risk injury or death. We are the last one to shed a tear. The weaker Israel is, the better as the solution is one democratic socialist state from the river to the sea. We estimate that half a million Jews left the apartheid state since October 7th, but some also came back. The Zionist army is lacking soldiers that is why they want to force the ultra-orthodox young Jews to serve in the army and the ultra-orthodox demonstrate against the ending of their wholesale exemption from military conscription. They even think of using the Palestinians as their Cannon fodder.

The Journalist Dan Margalit writes:

“Today’s mother does not encourage her children to study medicine but to do business administration; not for study but for the stock exchange; Not for a trip to the Jezreel Valley but to a park in California. And everyone understands the sickness that is revealed to our eyes (and we don’t talk about it) when our descendants storm democratic embassies to ask for a foreign passport. Indeed, they lie to themselves, that it’s all just to get accepted more easily to the Sorbonne in France or to Oxford in England, but in their hearts they all know that there is a connection between the foreign passport and a minority of the hundreds of thousands of people who got on the next plane to return to the turret in a tank and the deck of the Steel after learning of the disaster 7 in October” [1]

Escaping the war on Gaza is very different from the war of 1967 when Israelis who were outside Israel took the first available plane flying to Israel. This was the peak of the power of Israel that defeated three Arab armies in six days. Today the presumed fourth stronger army cannot win the war against 60,000 resistance fighters.

Down with the Zionist apartheid from the river to the sea!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!


[1] in Hebrew

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