They still believe they are the master race and the chosen People

Yossi Schwartz ISL (RCIT section in Israel/Occupied Palestine), 25.05.2024

The top politicians of the Zionist apartheid state cannot understand how Irland, Norway, and Spain recognized Palestine as a state. They think the governments of these states are traitors who should be punished.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs personnel showed the video of the kidnapping of the observers to the ambassadors of the three countries At the end of the screening the ambassadors were called to a reprimand by the director general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Minister Katz approved the steps and said: “History will remember that Spain, Norway and Ireland decided to award a gold medal to the murderers of Vansi Hamas” [i]

They still think they can blackmail the people around the war by using the Jewish Holocaust. This is the reason they call the pro Palestinians Anti-Semites and Nazis. However, very soon   people around the world will discover the role of the Zionists in the Jewish Holocaust. They will learn about the deal with Nazi Germany (Haavara or the transfer agreement), and why the Kapos and the Judenrats were mostly Zionists. In addition, that the Zionist in Palestine did not send one bullet to the Jewish resistance, and that Eichman visited Palestine in 1937 as a guest of the Haganah.

“Long before the “Final Solution” was conceived at the Wannsee Conference, Hitler and the upper echelon of the Nazi regime had hoped to resolve the “Jewish problem” through forced emigration of the Jews living in Germany. Almost three years before the outbreak of World War II, in 1937, a nondescript German bureaucrat by the name of Adolf Eichmann was sent on a covert visit to Mandatory Palestine, together with his direct supervisor in the Nazi party’s intelligence service (the notorious SD), in order to explore the possibility of deporting Germany’s Jews to the region/A clandestine meeting had taken place in Berlin between Eichmann and Feivel Polkes, an unofficial representative of the Haganah, one of the precursors of the Israel Defense Forces. They discussed the possibility of shipping off the persecuted Jews from Germany to Palestine. The Nazi officer wanted to see the Jewish community in Palestine for himself and to personally examine whether the plan was actually feasible”.[ii]

People will learn about the visit of Baron von Mildenstein and the S.S. support of Zionism in Germany from 1934-1936. After his visit the Nazis produced a medal with David star on one side and the swastika on the other. 

People will discover that several Nazis worked for Israel. Most known was Otto Skorzeny, Hitler’s favorite commando leader. They will learn about the real role of  Kaszner[iii]

Most historians probably have a good idea of their central thesis even before they begin the laborious spadework of research. But for British Jewish historian Paul Bogdanor, his ambition to find material defending the controversial wartime Zionist leader, Rudolf Kasztner, was cruelly thwarted. Bogdanor was “extremely shocked” to find that everything pointed towards Kasztner’s having been “a collaborator” with the Nazis, and a “betrayer of the Zionist movement and the Jewish people.[iv]

People will learn why Kasztner was found not guilty in his appeal. They will learn that the 300 people from Mandatory Palestine who volunteered to fight fascism in Spain during the civil war were persecuted by the Zionists. How do I know that people will learn all of this? Because until the age of 18  I was a Zionist and when I broke from Zionism I researched the nature of the Zionist monster.

To hell with the Zionists!

Down with the Zionist apartheid state!

For Palestine red and free from the river to the sea!





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