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Report from the “No Trust in the Government” Demonstration in Rehovot

By cde. Boris Hammershlag The Internationalist Socialist League 25.07.2013 Rehovot, Israel/Occupied Palestine Today at 18:30 an ISL contingent of 5 comrades including 2 of our youth group, marched in the main street of the Israeli-Jewish town of Rehovot. The march was organized by the “Coalition for Social Justice” in my hometown of Rehovot. The demonstration […]

Guest Article: On Fossil Fuels and Revolutionary Awareness

Important note: This article is presented to our readers as food for thought and as a tool for up-close assessment of some political elements ISL members work side-by-side with in their everyday local-activism. In no shape or form does it represent the official line or even individual views within the ISL as a section or […]

Israel’s Six-Day War of 1967

On the Character of the War the Marxist Analysis and the Position of the Israeli Left By Yossi Schwartz Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) July 2013 Preface of the Editorial Board: The following document by comrade Yossi Schwartz analyzes the character and background of the 1967 Israeli warin. He elaborates the approach of Marxists […]

On some Questions of the Zionist Oppression and the Permanent Revolution in Palestine

Thoughts on some exceptionalities of the Israeli state, the national oppression of the Palestinian people and its consequences for the program of the Bolshevik-Communists in Palestine By Michael Pröbsting Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) May 2013 The Palestinian Revolution has been a central issue of the international class struggle for more than half a century. […]

Egypt: The U.S. Support for the Military Coup and the Left’s ignorance

Notes on the role of US imperialism in the military’s coup d’état and the failure of the Egypt left By Yossi Schwartz Revolutionary Communist International Tendency 11.7.2013 As revolutionary Marxists we do not have any false tears for the former Egypt president Mursi and we do not support the call to reinstall him in […]

Proposal for a New Law in Apartheid Israel

By Yossi Schwartz Internationalist Socialist League RCIT-Section in Occupied Palestine/Israel 18.6.2013 and Haaretz, the Hebrew-language daily newspaper, writes today (June 18): “If there was anyone hoping that the wave of anti-democratic legislation which characterized the previous Knesset would stop with the end of its term, the decision of the Ministerial Committee on Legislation […]

Class struggle and religious sectarianism in Syria

To win the revolution in Syria, a revolutionary working class party must be built! By Yossi Schwartz Revolutionary Communist International Tendency 12.6.2013 It has been a week of military gains for the Syrian government, whose soldiers won an important battle against the rebels after long and intense fighting over Qusayr, a strategic city near the […]

Syria: After the defeat in Qusayr and ahead of the Battle for Aleppo

For revolutionary working class leadership to lead the Syrian Revolution to Victory! By Yossi Schwartz Revolutionary Communist International Tendency 11.6.2013 Imperialist propaganda seeks to present a picture of hopelessness in Syria and to present the only alternatives available to the Syrian masses as being support for one of the following: * Either Assad as he […]

Turkey: Down with the repressive Regime of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the AKP!

For a Workers Government supported by the Poor Peasants and the Urban Poor! Yossi Schwartz Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) 3.6.2013 Our sisters and brothers returned yesterday to Gezi Park to continue the struggle to remove the reactionary AKP-government of Turkey, the Robin Hood of the rich: Stealing from ordinary people to give the […]

Israel’s War of 1948 and the Degeneration of the Fourth International

By Yossi Schwartz Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) May 2013 Preface of the Editorial Board: The following document from comrade Yossi Schwartz is a major contribution in two respects. First it outlines the Marxist position on the colonial settler state Israel, its emergence and its reactionary war in 1948 – called by the Zionists in true Orwellian-speak […]

Growing Trade Union Support for Boycott Actions against Apartheid State Israel

Another Blow to Zionist Racism By Yossi Schwartz Internationalist Socialist League RCIT-Section in Occupied Palestine/Israel 12.5.2013 Every few weeks another important organization is joining the boycott of Israel. In April the Irish teachers union, and at the end of February, the Oxford student union joined the struggle against racism. Recently the Association for Asian American […]

Egypt: Free Port Said 21

By Yossi Schwartz Internationalist Socialist League RCIT-Section in Israel/Occupied Palestine April 2013 On Saturday,9 March, 2013 ,an Egyptian court approved the death sentences previously handed down to 21 defendants in the Port Said soccer riot case and sentenced more than 20 others to prison terms. At the same time, the organizer of the massacre, former […]

Workers and Oppressed of the World, Unite in the Struggle for Liberation!

May Day 2013 Statement of Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) The Revolutionary Communist International Tendency (RCIT) sends its May Day greetings to all fighters for the liberation of the working class and the oppressed people around the world. We call them to join us in our struggle to build new revolutionary parties and a new […]

Victory! The Israeli state was forced to release resistance fighter Samer Issawi

By Yossi Schwartz, International Socialist League RCIT-Section in Israel/Occupied Palestine, 24.4.2013 Issawi was originally arrested in 2002, for holding a rifle without a license. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison. He was released in October 2011 as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange. Israel however has never intended to respect this agreement […]